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MB Premiere: ALTERED DEAD - 'Prosodemic Realms'

Firstly, what in carnation is that beautifully grotesque artwork;? and secondly, let's all give ALTERED DEAD a wet, swampy sickening welcome to the year of underground death metal. 'Prosodemic Realms' sounds like ALTERED DEAD exhumed some lost demo from an unknown underground death metal band, reworked it and added color for better definition. Think very, very early 90s or even 88-89, 'Prosodemic Realms' sounds like the embryonic days of thrash metal's metamorphosis into death metal. Quick hands behind the kit, agile riffing and nasty vocals is the tune of the day for ALTERED DEAD.

Soon to be a full length from the Canadian duo titled "Returned To Life", this track should get you excited for what's to follow January 25th 2021. Out on Memento Mori January 25th on CD and vinyl version February 28th on Fucking Kill Records, "Returned To Life" is looking to be a violator of the new year.


Julian - Drums, Vocals
Mic - Guitars, Bass, Vocals


Entered: 12/10/2020 12:17:33 AM