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MB Premiere: INFECTED HUMANS - 'Calcining Human Flesh'

I remember listening to this thing and wondering just what the fuck is going on. Listed as brutal death metal but sounds like I don't know what. Tin-like, lo-fi blast beats, a vocalist that sounds like a portable generator, riffs picked straight out of black and death metal's 90s playbook and a downright evil production. In a nutshell, that is what you'll get on INFECTED HUMANS' upcoming album "Unexpected Traumatic Experiences" out January 15th, 2021 through Gore House Productions.

But you don't have to wait that long to kick-start the new year in a brutal way, 'Calcining Human Flesh' is a sample of the depravity awaiting you now. Damn does this track fucking tear, slamming breakdowns, massive chugs, blast beats galore, and ooooooeeeeeee. Can't understanding a fucking word but the damn main riff would have you not giving a shit. This track also features Sonny Trujillo of Cadaverous Infest so you get even more brutal dynamics.

I'll be honest I hate most modern brutal death metal but this takes a massive leap away from the hordes of uninspired copycats, it's a unique something, one I'm still finding difficulty describing. Here, have a listen to 'Calcining Human Flesh' and come up with your own descriptions and conclusions.


Claudio C - Guitar, Vocals
Israel - Bass, Vocals
M. Togra - Drums


Entered: 12/23/2020 10:12:33 AM