MB on Spotify - April summary

Greetings, fellow metalheads!

The month April is behind us now and it's that time to have a look back at what new music has appeared on Spotify, AKA perfect shopping list for collectors. As usual I've been trying to make sure I can put them all in nice playlists, allowing you to be up to date with the most recent additions.

So, let's get to the details and begin with albums. Over 56 hours of long plays have been gathered on our playlist and if I don't find anything else by the time you read it - 79 bands who have spilled their guts and shared their view on rock/metal art. Most of all I finally got my ears on the new Ageless Oblivion album and it definitely didn't disappoint, upgraded sound with the same, unique set of riffs that can be found only among British death metal bands. With some influence from French style, I have to admit, but it makes it even better. Anyway, the other bands which grabbed my attention (either through the fact that their releases were awaited by many or just because I liked them) are: Cannibal Corpse (Erik Rutan joining the crew is almost as huge to me as Ralph Santolla playing on Deicide or Obituary albums - you just can't go wrong with that), Cosmophobe (one of very few bands recording instrumental albums and always getting my "thumbs up"), Endseeker (band from Germany playing proper Stockholm death metal, comparable to LIK or Entrails), Gojira, Ingested, Lucifuge, Nekromantheon, Nordgeist, Plaguewielder (quite a new find for me, really enjoyed that), Saille, Unflesh, Ungfell, and Vreid. So if you have enough time to sit down for a longer session with each artist, you can find them together with about 65 other bands under this link:

Now, the smaller releases, EPs, either presented to you by bands who prefer shorter artistic forms or given us as a warm-up before big releases. The link below will lead you to a set of such releases from Aggravator, Bodom After Midnight, Death Chamber, Expunged, Immortal Force, Les Chants Du Hasard (the full album is on our playlist above), Malacoda, Obscure Fate, Omega, Phlebotomized, Tensiion, Thermohaline, WarCall and Zac Crye. Playlist for people with mild cases of ADHD or just fans waiting to hear any sounds from their favourites listed above can be found here:

Our singles playlist also provides quite nice variety of sounds, put down together for all of you waiting for full albums or for people, who are curious about bands listed on EPs and albums, but want to try songs chosen by the bands to make good first impression. We've got Artillery (full album is already on our May playlist with albums), At the Gates,  Burning Witches, Caliban, Carnifex (Korn cover, "Dead Bodies Everywhere"), Dead End Finland, Dir En Grey, Distant, Dödsrit, Dordeduh, Fear Factory, Fractal Universe, Hedonihil, Impaled Nazarene, Inferno, Pestilence, Sabaton, Thy Catafalque, Vildhjarta, Vulture, Wormlight (full album on May's playlist, too) and many more. To check the best of the best according to bands or their labels head over here:

Live section is also full of interesting shows: Bihargam, "Colossus" track from In Mourning, 3 live singles from Lindemann, Motörhead's show from 2012 in Berlin and Pig Destroyer. If you think that your excited screams and shouting at these sounds is not enough and you need a backup of some recorded crowd noises, head over to the playlist by clicking the link below:

We've got some re-releases/remasters from April for you as well. Before Black Sabbath's remastered "Sabotage" is out, you can hear "Am I Going Insane", radio version, Decapitated is planning re-release of their "Cemeteral Gardens" first demo from 1997 and we can check out "Destiny" track first. Also A Pretext to Human Suffering decided to give us remaster of their "Rotting Sanctum" track, originally released in 2020. You can listen to both versions (both available on Spotify) and try to spot the differences. Remastered albums include re-works from Scarlet Aura ("Falling Sky") and The Third Grade decided to give us instrumental version of "Of Fire and Ashes, Pt.2". Some good old metal, repolished and de-rusted can be found under the link below:

I've managed to find one compilation in April - Urfaust "Compilation of Intoxications" and it can be found here:

Remember to keep an eye on our Spotify profile as the content of each playlist is subject to change, remember to read all terms and conditions, install all most recent updates, eat a lot of cookies and keep an eye on your cache, whatever it is. Also visit our website to check for our reviews and interviews with artists who gave us all releases mentioned above, like, share and subscribe, but most of all remember to let those artists know that you enjoy their sounds on social media and support them by buying their merch.

Mosh responsibly! \m/

Entered: 5/7/2021 11:40:31 AM