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MB Premiere: ASHEN - 'Mass Cremation'

Formed in 2019, ASHEN is a four-piece death metal band based in Perth, Western Australia. Featuring members previously from Vespers Descent, Darkenium, Chaos Divine, Burial Ground, and Nexus, ASHEN bring you a catchy, groove-based, but heavy-as-fuck death metal slab that swiftly slaughters in a mere 19 minutes.

Band's OSDM sound steeped in catchy melodies and high-octane aggression is delivered in a bombastic and elegant way forming groovy headbanging wall of noise deeply rooted in 90s era. It's not all 'old guys death metal' - as the band calls it - check out 'Asphyxiant' (once full record comes out) for creative elements you wouldn't typically hear in this genre. ASHEN is already half way through the writing process of the full-length album and I can't wait for a fresh dose of pavement-cracking, cranium crushing death metal.

The stunning cover artwork for Godless Oath was handled by the well-known artist Giannis Nakos (who has produced work for Suffocation, The Crown to name a few).

Today we're proud to present ASHEN's new steamroller 'Mass Cremation' from debut mini-album, Godless Oath, that comes out via Bitter Loss Records on August 6th, 2021 on CD and 12" vinyl formats.


Shannon Over - guitars
Richard Clements - vocals
Ben Mazzarol - drums
Josh Harris - bass


Entered: 7/6/2021 12:02:11 AM