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MB Premiere: DECREPISY - 'Dissipating Form'

In 2020, the band DECREPISY emerged from the depths of the rivers of Portland, Oregon, created by guitarist Kyle House (Acephalix, ex-Vastum), soon embarked on this project by guitarist Jonathan Quintana (Thanamagus, Ritual Necromancy), bassist Tim Lower (Hellgrazer, Grave Dust), and drummer Charlie Koryn (Ascended Dead, Funebrarum).

It's not always a best recipe for success, but with DECREPISY chops finely honed in aformentioned bands you would be getting the highest quality of death metal the North/West US has to offer. Filthy whirlpool of murk and darkness and yet exuding a startling sense of clarity - today's premiere - 'Dissipating Form' takes on obscene forms with gut-wrenching growls, eerie cold atmosphere and desolate tones, winding the listener down toward the abyss. Partake in Emetic Communion!

Chaos Records in conspiracy with Life After Death and Seed of Doom set August 6th, 2021 as the international release date for DECREPISY's striking debut album, Emetic Communion. Chaos Records will handle the CD version, while Life After Death and Seed of Doom will handle the vinyl LP and cassette tape versions.


Kyle House - guitars, vocals
Jonathan Quintana - guitars
Charlie Koryn - drums
Tim Lower - bass


Entered: 7/7/2021 8:20:34 AM