MB on Spotify - August summary

Greetings fellow metalheads! 

The month of August is behind us and it left us with quite an interesting list of releases. I even have a feeling that this specific month had more releases which are not easy to describe using traditional subgenres or even microgenres of metal.

Let's start with the full albums. We've got Act of Denial, a side project with legend Steve DiGiorgio on bass, Krimh behind drums and Björn "Speed" Strid on vocals. We have Korrosive, Ruin, Wormwitch, Arcane Sanctuary, Woman is the Earth, Burial in the Sky (a real mix of almost everything), Oxygen Destroyer, Devoid of Thought, Fleshbore, Killing, Diskord, Wolves in the Throne Room, Wormwood and Ænigmatum to mention just the most popular amongst MetalBite crew. Apart from Ex Deo releasing their latest album in August, also German black metal band Groza caught my attention. Other releases came from Jinjer, Leprous, Rivers Ablaze, Sepultura with guests like Phil Campbell, David Ellefson, Scott Ian, Danko Jones, Alex Skolnick and Matt K. Heafy, performing Sepultura's new and old tracks. And I definitely spent a bit of time listening to Slaughter to Prevail and Vaelmyst. Just looking at the list above you can tell each of them is "something else". You can find them and quite a few more under this link:

The list of slightly smaller releases is as usual short and the list of bands is as follows: Ashen, Borboropsis, Carnifex (you can check out our September playlist if you want the full length), Corners of Sanctuary, Dead Shape Figure, Demonicera, Eclipser, Gama Bomb, Hranice Abyss, Insurgent, Lorna Shore, Septage, legendary thrash band Sodom, Spirit Adrift, Supreme Conception and Vriess. All of them can be found under the link below:

We have 3 splits on our playlist - Portrayal of Guilt/Chat Pile, Infesticide/In Obscurity Revealed and half of Cadaveric Incubator/Leprophiliac split, the one with the first band on it:

Now, the list of singles, the pride and joy of each band. 1914 released new single with Nick Holmes from Paradise lost, we have new songs from Aborted, Aeon, Alcatrazz, Archspire, Bound in Fear, The Breathing Process, Carcass, Dehydrated, Enslaved, Equilibrium, another thrash metal legend Exodus, Hate, Iron Maiden (full album on September playlist), Lucifer, Lutharo, Massacre, Ministry, Obscura, Omnium Gatherum, Rivers of Nihil, my favourite heavy metal band Running Wild, Shadow of Intent (playing Lamb of God) and Vulvodynia to mention just the ones which had my attention from the first look. Head over to the link below to listen to them and plenty of others:

August brought us some live releases, Airborn with "Live Animals", live single from Armored Saint, 3 live tracks from Aversed, a single by Doro from upcoming live album with Warlock material, "Unplugged in Boston (Live 2001)" from Megadeth and Virtual Symmetry's "Exoverse live - out of the shadow". You can start practicing your social skills since social gatherings are back or start practicing your headbanging skills by listening to this list. All I know is that when you're in some venue and suddenly some metal music starts playing you can tell who hasn't worked on their headbanging. Don't be that person and click the link below:

And to remind us about some good albums originally released in the past, sound engineers from various studios gave us "Continent" by The Acacia Strain, two tracks from the upcoming Black Sabbath's "Technical Ecstasy" remaster, 4 albums from Death Angel, and 2021 remaster of "Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos" (Public Enemy cover) track from Sepultura, originally on 2-disc edition of "Roorback". The brand new old stuff can be found under this link:

As usual, remember to support your favourite bards and jesters, share their creations with others, buy their stuff, work on those headbanging skills and add our lists and profile to your favourites so that you won't ever have to do all of that hard work of finding all these gems and putting them in such neat lists. Don't worry, buddy, I've got your back.

Mosh responsibly \m/

Entered: 9/10/2021 6:06:10 PM