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MB Premiere: SORGUINAZIA - 'Negation of Delirium'

We've got the pleasure of premiering the title track from SORGUINAZIA's debut full-length, Negation of Delirium. The album comes out October 15th through the stalwart label Iron Bonehead, a reliable resource for primitive and oldschool-styled metal of the most extreme varieties. Whenever I see a promo from the label in my inbox, I immediately get a pillow ready to prop behind my head for the impact, because I know it's gonna hurt.

Look, I get it: it's not easy to get hyped about yet another anonymous raw black metal band. On the surface, SORGUINAZIA is harsh and unlovable, and it doesn't immediately feel like there's anything flashy to draw you in. The guitar strings sound like they're being picked with sandpaper and the cymbal haze creates a swarm of noise that clouds the more active sections. Negation of Delirium is shrouded in layers of static, and if you're not okay with that being a part of your black metal you should probably just check out another premiere and get on with your day. If you're willing to brush through the thorny exterior and focus on the melody, you'll be lulled into an ethereal trance and become completely at the mercy of what lurks within.

The drumming provides an understated bed: the sound is muffled, and you can barely make out the toms and snare when everything is going full speed. Somehow, it becomes oddly anthemic even during the blast beats, as you primarily get the thumping of the kick drum leading the rhythm which gives things a marching sort of feel. They also take frequent breaks to let the primal, foreboding melodies bleed into the forefront, creating this hypnotic feel with textures as bleak as they are inviting, like seeing a beam of light that you're drawn towards in the moments before you die.

The song we're showcasing for you today is the title track on Negation of Delirium, coming in at the midway point of the album after your sanity has slowly been picked at with the rawer and more raucous opening tracks. The melody begins with a chord progression that has a certain familiarity that peeks through the noise, building energy into a marching verse that goes directly to the gut. The second wave's primal influence and power can be felt, but a touch of the esoteric in the atmosphere strips any sort of similarities to punk away.

After rooting a rhythm into your brain, the music eases up, as if to lift the veil a second and remind you that there's beauty underneath the shrouded surface, the music launches into another march that steadily gains energy, taking reference from the part that came before it to create a build into the climax of the song. The sensation one gets from Negation of Delirium is difficult to describe, being an odd mix of raw ferocity and ponderous spirituality. The only way to understand it, of course, is to feel it for yourself:


Axczor - Vocals, Drums, Bass
Xolaryxis - Vocals, Guitars


Entered: 9/16/2021 8:16:57 AM