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MB Premiere: GALAXY - 'We Enter The Door Of Death Alone'

Hmmm, heavy metal band named GALAXY, yes, I think I'll take a trip to their side of the spectrum. Debut album titled On The Shores Of Life due out through Dying Victims Productions November 19th 2021 should capture the attention of all traditional heavy metal lovers once they hear the preview track 'We Enter The Door Of Death Alone'.

Late 70s sound, mid ranged vocals, thick guitar chords, drumming that plays along humbly with the rest of the instruments and artwork that looks fitting for a progressive/technical/thrash metal band, why wouldn't you want to pin your ears to the sounds coming from one of metal's hotbeds, good ole Australia. This song reeks of a truly high quality and is already making it hard to put down. Yes. I'll have a vinyl copy please!!!

On The Shores Of Life, is set for international release on November 19th, 2021 via Dying Victims Productions on CD and vinyl LP formats.


Stuart Callinan - Guitars, Bass
Phillip T. King - Vocals
Simon Phillips - Drums


Entered: 10/28/2021 12:01:55 AM