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MB Premiere: HELL'S CORONATION - 'Silver Knife Mysticism' full album stream

Can't go wrong with HELL'S CORONATION, since their inception they've been conjuring black demented doom metal with their crushing landscapes of dread and devilment. They've released quite a few pieces since, with Unholy Blades Of The Devil being arguably their best EP, even managing to forge a full length under Godz ov War in which garnered favorable results within the underground. Pelting from the pits of Poland, they arrive once more with their latest EP, Silver Knife Mysticism. This newest installment is a build on top of their already established aesthetic keeping at heart their staple sound, the duo craft yet another exciting fragment of black metal.

3 tracks, 2 of which are songs and the other being a beautiful yet sinister outro, the band continues with their tried and true formula. Deep synth keyboards, punishing heavy guitar leads and creature-esque vocals, combined with focused compositions achieving both a vicious black metal sound texture and a mystic atmosphere that sounds of a bright full-moon lit forest. Just another reason to pickup the Hell's Coronation - Silver Knife Mysticism EP on cassette through Godz ov War Productions on December 18th, 2021.


Zepar - bestial chainsaw of profanation, venom evoking death and choral spasms, keys of doom
Coffincrusher - flutter of luciferian wings, collapsing burning churches, devilish chanting



Entered: 12/16/2021 12:05:08 AM