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MB Premiere: CRYPTUM - 'Volitional Sacrilege'

Today, in cooperation with Caligari Records, we are proud to present the new single 'Volitional Sacrilege' from a brand-new EP from the United States' CRYPTUM, Vile Emergence, that will be released February 24th, 2022 on CD and cassette tape formats.

Hailing from Illinois, CRYPTUM was formed in the spring of 2020 towards the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. This group of long-time friends, armed with a strong adoration for thrash and death metal, envisioned a band that encapsulated their favorite aspects of these genres while balancing a perfect blend of both old-school and new-school death metal. Their influences span the mosh-laden riffs of Exodus and the pummeling brutality of Suffocation to bands that offer stranger riffs within vintage death metal, such as Pestilence, Immolation, and Morbid Angel, all contributing to CRYPTUM's sound.

Hot on that first demo's heels is the new EP Vile Emergence, which is a more refined version of what Enter the Cryptum had to offer. Here, CRYPTUM have further consolidated their songwriting to help bring a more defined and individual sound to their music while still maintaining their overall style and old-school influence. Swift and satisfying, strong Vile Emergence comprises four songs in 16 minutes, laying waste and getting the fuck outta there. Enter the CRYPTUM again and behold its garish new grime!


Kyle Pooley - Drums
Carlos Santini - Lead Guitar
Mike Brilmyer - Vocals
Trevor Cook - Rhythm Guitar
Matthew Aguilar - Bass Guitar


Entered: 2/2/2022 8:33:02 AM