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MB Video Premiere: SIDEREAN - 'Coalescing Into The Expanse'

Do you like technical death metal? Do you also like very well produced sci-fi movies? Then the new SIDEREAN clip 'Coalescing Into The Expanse' from their latest album Lost On Void's Horizon released via Edged Circle Productions in summer 2021 may be a very appealing video for you to enjoy. A little bit earlier than the new James Webb telescope the five Slovens from Ljubljana allow us a quite disturbing view into space. I would say that it's a quite an aesthetic, lovely designed and very detailed clip that was designed and directed by Aljaž Babič. Combining very dissonant but still melodies with a quite desperate atmosphere created through the growls and screams by vocalist Jan Brišar and the very intense riffing it is the perfect soundtrack for this video. You can almost imagine yourself going on this space trip to boldly go where no man has gone before. The bands explanation is that "it shows an expedition which is sent to explore an anomaly signal coming from a planet lying beyond the reaches of the known universe".

SIDEREAN have fulfilled their selves a long lasting wish - to visualize at least a part of Lost On Void's Horizon. Director Aljaž Babič said about this project that he got "into an environment with no life support, where all the known particles fuse with the incomprehensible enormousness of time. Time already past, time still to come, a moment experienced forever as a mere memory, where existence of all thoughts and the absence of all sense coexist simultaneously. These were sentiments that served as my inspiration to create this video."

Enjoy the music and which may be as important as the music, enjoy the video. But beware - don't get into the maelstrom of hallucinations that the astronaut has to face on his journey!


Jan Brišar - vocals
David Kocmur - guitar
Darian Kocmur - drums
Lovro Babič - bass guitar
Matija Dolinar - guitar


Entered: 2/4/2022 12:01:38 AM