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MB Premiere: INANNA - 'The Key To Alpha Centauri'

After ten years since their last record, INANNA are now ready to unleash the third full-length opus, Void Of Unending Depths and immediately upon pressing "play," it is crystal clear, INANNA have delivered a masterwork in Void Of Unending Depths.

While not betraying their core sound they've patiently perfected all these years - a swirling maelstrom of bent riff logic, angular speed, world-eating vocal dementia, and otherworldly atmosphere - on this third album do the Chileans convey a confidence of vision and execution that puts them in the upper echelons of death metal's elite.

INANNA imaginatively weave wonderous, horrifying sensations into the nearly hour-long work that verily transport the listener to dread landscapes on the very thresholds of the imagination...or, at its very depths, a certain "lunar ocean" if you will. For these waves are wayward and turbulent, twisting with a madness only known to their creators; we are simply helpless to fight against that terrible tide. Respite comes, albeit briefly (and beautifully), in spiraling clean-toned fusion breaks, painting yet more rich hues onto that death metal titan... Hearing is believing, but Void Of Unending Depths is guaranteed to be one of death metal's mightiest records this year.

Today, in collaboration with Memento Mori we are proud to present the new single 'The Key To Alpha Centauri' from the highly anticipated third album, Void Of Unending Depths out on April 25th. Join INANNA in malice, death, and insanity!


Diego Ilabaca - guitars
Max Neira - bass, vocals
Cristobal Gonzalez - guitars
Carlos Fuentes - drums


Entered: 3/11/2022 12:03:09 AM