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MB Premiere: IRONHAWK - 'Doomsday Rider'

Today, in cooperation with Dying Victims Productions, we are thrilled to present the new track 'Doomsday Rider' from IRONHAWK' debut album, Ritual Of The Warpath, out June 30th, 2022 on CD and vinyl LP formats.

From the remote backwaters of Tasmania, IRONHAWK emerged in 2013 at a ramshackle basement gig where a hijack of the stage to butcher a handful of Motörhead covers lit the fuse, which in turn exploded as the unholy trinity of Simon (ex-Bastard Squad, Distroy), Mitch (ex-Vulgar, Bulletproof), and Ange (The Wizar'd, Tarot) cast blackened metalpunk forged in the flames of Bathory, Amebix, Sacrilege, Venom, and English Dogs.

Like a time-warp to 1985, Ritual of the Warpath is a grandiose-yet-grimy statement of ancient metalpunk powers known only to the most devout. To say that IRONHAWK are indeed "devout" – and direly so – to their etched-into-steel influences would be an understatement; to say that the power-trio actually do something with those influences is also an understatement. Thus, we hear the cavernous crunge of early Bathory, the sooty surge of early Sacrilege, the burning spirits of prime English Dogs, and definitely (and uniquely for this style) the epic landscapes of mid '80s Amebix across the album's surprisingly dynamic 37 minutes. It's that lattermost element, in particular, which puts Ritual of the Warpath into rarefied territory, for instead of merely aping Amebix's most characteristic moments (or whole riffs themselves), IRONHAWK thread those textures into most of the album's songs, giving Motörcharge a new look – but one still rooted in a road warrior past.


Simön Slaughter - Guitars, Vocals
Ängie Climax - Bass
Vyvyan Bästerd - Drums


Entered: 5/11/2022 1:30:31 PM