MB on Spotify - May summary

Greetings fellow metalheads!

It's time for, a little late, summary of May 2022 from a metalhead's point of view. The Northern Hemisphere is more likely to enjoy some time outside, which includes attending all kinds of shows, even festivals! Just like Mystic Festival which took place in Gdańsk from 1-4 June and believe me (and my wife), it was a blast. Not only did we manage to see amazing performances by some of the best, but also spoke to quite a few of them and I can speak from experience now that some of my favourite releases over past few years have been created by happy metalheads, who really enjoy what they're doing. But that's for you to find out as soon as few interviews I carried out are posted on the website.

In the meantime, let's have a look at the full releases from May as there are some real (head)bangers worth checking out. Fortunately Nate, fellow Metalbiter, compiled a list of those which caught most attention amongst the Metalbite crew, so you definitely have to check the following: Misery Index (one of my favourites), Michael Schenker Group, Blut Aus Nord, Belushi Speed Ball, Darkened, Morgue Supplier, Haunter, Lord Belial (also brilliant return), Ufomammut, Synteleia, Sacrifizer, Demonical, Tómarúm and Nechochwen. During the same month we had full albums from legendary Christian Death, Crematory, Decapitated, Depressed Mode, Jungle Rot, Ribspreader, Septicflesh, Upon a Burning Body and Urkraft. To browse your options before going shopping for CDs, t-shirts or maybe even hoodies head to the list below:

Now, the EPs. As usual, the list is quite short so here it is in full: Arc Arrival, BAEST (also fantastic performers live and very nice guys to talk to), Clairvoyance, Corners of Sanctuary, Death is Death, Erase This Earth, Gonemage, Haunted by Silhouettes, Turn Cold, Ubruxum, Unendlich and Victorius. All of them can be found on this list:

Now, the singles. The teasers which came out in May announced the upcoming releases from Arch Enemy, Behemoth, Belphegor, Bleed from Within, Cosmophobe, Entrails, Exocrine, Frantic Amber, The Hellacopters, Helloween, Imperial Triumphant, Kampfar, Kardashev, Khold, Kreator, Krisiun, Lacrimas Profundere, Lorna Shore, Oceans of Slumber, Organectomy, Origin, Powerwolf, Psycroptic, Rammstein, Soilwork, Soulfly, Svart Crown, Therion, Tombs, Wayward Dawn, Witchery and Wormwitch to just name a few. All of the above and more can be found here:

We've got some collaborations in May, too. These came from Sentiero Dei Principi/Deathvoid, Nunslaughter (couldn't find BLOOD part of the split on Spotify, same with Slaughtbbath, Sacrilegious Rite and Morbid Sacrifice), Malthusian/Suffering Hour, Wampyric Rites/Nansarunai, KOMPOST/Living Inferno/Tormenticon and last but not least - Graveland/Commander Agares. All splits can be found here:

I know that probably now there are more live shows to attend to, but that shouldn't stop you from listening to some of them at home. Live releases in May came from Dawn of Solace, Dvne, Hideous Divinity, HIV, Killswitch Engage, Monosphere and we've got a live recording from Motörhead from 2000 (yep, that's 22 years ago). Live releases added to Spotify in May 2022, big and small, are here:

We obviously have some renewed old productions and in May we got them from Acherontas, Amiensus, Battle Born, Brand of Sacrifice, Danzig, The Dark Alamorte, Sabaton, Martyr, Mustan Kuun Lapset, Nechochwen, Nuclear Assault, Seas on the Moon, Sentinels, Sepultura, Signs of the Swarm, Trouble and Venom. To enjoy reworked classics head to the list below:

Remember to visit our profile on Spotify regularly to see new playlists, spread the word amongst other metalheads and support your favourites by buying their merch. And, obviously, mosh responsibly.


Entered: 6/16/2022 8:34:02 PM