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MB Premiere: ASGRAUW - 'Versplinterd Hout'

Dutch black metal project ASGRAUW is back with their fifth album Façade out on the 7th October via Death Prayer Records. MetalBite is proud to host the premiere of the first single 'Versplinterd Hout' ('Splintered Wood') which rises the spirit of some Scandinavian black metal from the 90s. Icy riffing, hateful and desperate vocals meets some melodic keyboard atmosphere and invites the listener to a nostalgic and somewhat well-known trip back to the glorious days when bands like Emperor, Gehenna or Dimmu Borgir had relesed their premieres. 'Versplinterd Hout' is an amazing song which makes you long for the autumn and the release of Façade.

Façade explores the area between life and death. The unknown and inexplicable, sometimes things are not what they seem. From suspended animation caused by disease to the despair of being buried alive. The struggle between wishing and fearing death. From losing your individuality to sacrificing your soul. All themes that balance on the thin line between the two worlds. Is there any difference at all? Or do we attach too much value to our corpus?


Vaal - guitars & vocals
Batr - drums, synths & additional bass
Kaos - bass, vocals & spoken words


Entered: 7/21/2022 12:04:34 AM