MB on Spotify - August summary

Greetings fellow metalheads!

The summer is getting close to an end, we've all enjoyed some sun, now it's time to start getting ready for windy, rainy weather. And show our favourite bands on our hoodies instead of t-shirts.

The month of August gave us some good music and as Metalbite's Top 10 shows, we're still getting a really nice variety of full-lengths to enjoy on a regular basis. We've got Hexis, Machine Head, Amon Amarth, Soilwork, Conan, Sigh, Aronious, The Halo Effect, Shuriken Cadaveric Entwinement, Liminal Shroud, Psycroptic, Cyborg Octopus, Anchillys and Carrion Vael to check out on Spotify before we shout "Shut up and take my money!" and expand our collection of CDs, vinyls or clothes showing our appreciation for some of these talents. Or patches, as it seems that denim vests and jackets are making a comeback. August was also a month when new albums came from Soulfly, Dub War, Arch Enemy, Spite, Krimh (Septicflesh drummer's solo project), Tad Morose and Grave Digger - as usual to mention the big names and some smaller which caught my attention. But obviously there's a lot more to try before you buy, so make your way to the list below and find out which next purchase will fit your mood or bring some good memories from the summer shows you attended:

The EPs released in August I found on Spotify can fit into your full-time shift twice and the bands on the list below include Body Void, Fearsore, Cosmophobe (who either got addicted to recording new music or got trapped in the studio and are trying to tell us they need help getting out, but we wouldn't know because they've got no lyrics, so let's hope it's the first), Vredensdal, Ancient North, Moonskin, Czerń, Silver Talon, Spirit Adrift and Dargor. The full list:

To help you plan your spending in future months we have singles, giving you heads-up before bigger releases come out. In August we had a chance to prepare our ears for full releases from In Flames, Ingested, Xenobiotic, Fallujah, Defacing God, Wayward Dawn, Slipknot, Sylosis, Slaughter to Prevail, Revocation, Bloodbath, The Interbeing, Tankard, Sodom, Distant, Oceano, Irist, Wolfheart, Behemoth, Omophagia, Nordjevel, Candlemass, Autopsy, Strigoi, Rage, Gaerea, Exterminate, Kampfar, Dead Cross, Enslaved, Therion, Science of Disorder, Ghost, Devin Townsend, Fit for an Autopsy (Lamb of God's cover), Exhumed, ...and Oceans and Queensrÿche. And these are just the biggest names and my favourites. There's plenty more to try here:

Some besties among metalheads decided to release some stuff together and Spotify gave us a chance to listen to some of them - Hagzissa/Hexenbrett, Hyperdontia/Septage, the Fluids half of their split with Nunslaughter, same with Lucifer's Fall (from split with Eldritch Rites) and we have split of two full albums from Blood God and Debauchery:

Live recordings added to Spotify include Vitam Et Mortem, Epica, Rage In My Eyes, Moonspell, Einherjer, Armored Saint and Voyager. If you want to let your neighbours know you enjoy metal music, but also provide them with instructions on how to react to these sounds, the August's playlist might come in handy:

We also have some refreshed releases to bring back good (or bad) memories of live and studio recordings from Alcatrazz, Matt Heafy, Diamond Head, Dimmu Borgir, Dominia, Ixcitonttli, In This Moment, Krimh (his latest album, but karaoke version), Metal Church and Dio. The list is available here:

Enjoy your listening sessions, don't forget to show support for your favourites and keep an eye on our profile to track the fresh sounds from the world of metal and beyond. Mosh responsibly \m/


Entered: 9/13/2022 9:09:50 AM