MB on Spotify - September summary

Greetings fellow metalheads! 

The third quarter of the year is behind us and it's officially acceptable to start shopping for our favourite festivities - Halloween and Saturnalia. Obviously the celebrations need a proper soundtrack and here you can get some ideas, which soundtrack fits your mood and attitude.

September seemed to have more full-length releases, so there's plenty to choose from. Metalbite folks highlighted the following artists which are available on Spotify: Razor, Vermin Womb, Reincarnated, Cainan Dawn, Warforged, An Abstract Illusion, Dead Void, Cinis, Writhing, Acephalix, Acausal Intrusion, Cloud Rat, Umbilicus, Ensanguinate, Revocation, Bloodbath, Last Retch, Megadeth, Gaerea, Blind Guardian, Miscreance, Ares Kingdom, Tribal Gaze, Kill Division, Altars Ablaze, Fallujah, Epoch of Unlight, Wolfheart, Spiritus Mortis, Autopsy, Slaughterday and Mo'ynoq. This is already quite impressive list, I would add ACOD, Behemoth, Cosmophobe, Crust (doom/death/sludge from Russia), Defacing God, Nordjevel, Omophagia, Ozzy Osbourne, we can celebrate the return of Sceptic to the death metal scene, Science of Disorder, Slipknot, Strigoi, Tankard and Wayward Dawn to mention my favourites and biggest names. Plenty more, over 78 minutes of music, can be found here:

The list of EPs released in September is a bit smaller and the bands you can find on our playlist are: Act of Gorgon, Apocalyptica, The Band Repent, Chlamydiot, Dark Forest, Decembre Noir, Demonologist, Doedsvangr, Exsanguination, No Coffin, Nomadic Narwhal, Rage, Sabaton, Trauma Model, Vathr and Xenobiotic. Enjoy!:

If you like to try out some of the best tracks from each album before buying the full-length release or are on the search for new sounds, there's no better place to go to than the list of singles. It includes Avatar, Bonecarver, CABAL, Candlemass, Dead Cross, Devin Townsend, Dying Fetus, Epica, Flub, In Flames, Ingested, The Interbeing, Irist, Kampfar, Lamb of God, Signs of the Swarm, Sodom, Tribulation, A Wake in Providence and many more. Over 13 hours of the best samples from each batch can be found here:

We've got music from 3 splits on our playlist from September - we've got 75% of split with Wraith, Graveripper, Unholy Night (missing the tracks by Black Knife), split with Perilaxe Occlusion, Fumes, Celestial Sanctuary and Thorn and the third one is a split with Angrrsth and Czort. All 3 available here:

Some bands were busy releasing their live albums in September, too, we have Atlantis Chronicles (single), Drowned (2-track single), Epica (album), Marax (album), Moonspell (album), Primordial (5-track rehearsal EP), Rage In My Eyes (single) and Sonata Arctica (album). If the weather is already not encouraging you to go outside, you can at least get the audio version of meeting other people in person by listening to the list below:

Refreshed old music we got to hear in September came from Amaranthe, Angrepp, Destillat, Diamond Head, Dimmu Borgir, Dio, Enterprise Earth, Epica, Fear Factory, Infected Rain, Melechesh, Monster Magnet, Motorhead, Nuclear Vomit, Prey For Nothing, Shadow of Intent, Sorcier Des Glaces, Throneum and Woods of Desolation. You can check what adjustments were done to their older creations by listening to the list below:

And to finish our compilation of playlists, we have one more - with compilations. Ghost released a set of 6 songs, one of which is in two versions and Jack Starr's Burning Starr released a compilation called "Eternal Starr". Both can be found here:

As usual, please remember to keep an eye on our profile to find new sounds which are available on Spotify, share your favourites with friends and remember to support the artists by buying their merch.

Mosh responsibly \m/ Maciek

Entered: 10/11/2022 10:01:09 AM