MB on Spotify - October / November summary

Greetings fellow metalheads!

Life sometimes gets in a way of a hobby, so with a little delay I'm giving you a summary of October's and November's releases.

Let's start with the full albums released in October. The releases available on Spotify which made Metalbite crew want to start a moshpit or tap their feet, depending on the humans in the immediate vicinity, came from Catalyst, Aenaon, Abyssic, Deathsiege, Human Corpse Abuse, Obsidious, Riot City, Antropofagus, Exhumed, Hagetisse, De Profundis, Vacuous, Darkthrone, Goatwhore, Theotoxin, Ripped to Shreds, Hiss From The Moat, Faceless Burial and Exordium Mors. October also brought us long plays from Avantasia, CABAL, Dead Cross, Faust, Fiur (this one caught me by surprise, something for fans of old-school-ish black metal), Lamb of God, No Return, Queensrÿche, Therion and A Wake in Providence. But as usual this is probably not even half of the albums on the playlist, so the best way is to click on the link below and enjoy the variety of sounds created by like-minded people:

The EPs released in October came from the following bands: Aara, Ancst, Archierophant, Bernth, Cantu Ignis, Cemetery Echo, Chaoist, Dead Crown, Despised Icon, Ekstasis, Evisarize, Fratura, Full of Hell, Górmain, Hand of Kalliach, Harmasar, Infinity of Thoughts, Insect Inside, Odium Humani Generis, Vigilance, Vile Cynic, Winds of Tragedy, Worm and Yatrogenist. Enjoy:

We also have some complete and incomplete material from splits, link below:

The list of singles is always getting me excited about the upcoming albums and we've been given samples of the next big releases from Aborted, Acherontas, ...and Oceans, Atrocity, Avatar, Bury Tomorrow, Chronoform, Devin Townsend, Distant, Epica, Gojira, Ingested, Katatonia, Vulvodynia and Xentrix. But plenty more can be found here:

The live material on our October playlist includes Aetheric Existence, Atlantis Chronicles, Dekonstruktor, Madrost, Slayer (show from 1984), Thy Catafalque and Wormwood:

If you want to take the trip down the memory lane and try some old sounds either re-recorded or remastered, we have Acherontas, Anthrax, Black Sabbath, Cirrosis, Depressed Mode, Dimmu Borgir, Dreamtale, Ersedu, Fear Factory (well, this is actually their last album remixed), The Halo Effect (also remix), In This Moment, Jack Starr's Burning Starr, Kreutzrug, Kruhl, Sodom, Ungfell and The Unguided:

I've found one compilation in October and it's from Stormhammer and the link is here:

Now it's time for releases from November.

The full releases worth mentioning came from Bonecarver, Candlemass, Chaos Over Cosmos, Devin Townsend, Epica, Ingested, The Interbeing, Kampfar and Xentrix. Everything else is definitely worth listening to as you might find your next favourite:

The smaller releases, EPs, published on Spotify, came from the following bands: Byzantine, Chestcrush, Circles, Downswing, Fortíð, Grave Circles, Grift, The Last Ten Seconds of Life, Nomadic Narwhal, Nytt Land, Ofermod, Persekutor, StarForce, Voivod and Wheel. Whichever subgenre is your favourite, this list has quite wide spectrum:

The smallest releases from November made a list of only 122 tracks which takes less than 10 hours to listen, so you should definitely give it a go as it's not really that much. We have A4O4A (with some guests), Amberian Dawn (if ABBA was a rock band...), another single from ...and Oceans, two singles from Atrocity, Brand of Sacrifice, Brundarkh, Bury Tomorrow, Enslaved, Feuerschwanz (if ABBA was a folk band...), Imperium Dekadenz, In Flames, In Mourning, Insomnium, NanowaR (with guest appearance of Ross the Boss), Obituary, Ov Sulfur, Rammstein, Sadus, Unleash The Archers and Wormwitch. And even more can be found here:

The list of splits is quite short as we have only Acherontas part of their split with Arditi, Puissance and Shibalba and the full split from Lipoma/Fluids/Trocar:

Live performances made available to listen in November came from Cirrosis, Drowned, Fires in the Distance, Luciferica, Rage In My Eyes, Serenity, Soziedad Alkoholika, Thy Catafalque (full live album) and Undeath (also full album):

Our list with old material but released again, some with changed sound or added material, some just given to us to remind us some good old stuff, include Acherontas, Black Sabbath, Celtic Frost, Consecration, Cynic, Frozen Shield, Iron Maiden, Krvna, Møl, Nytt Land, On Thorns I Lay, Ross Jennings, Unleash The Archers and A Visperas de mi Muerte:

November also gave us only one compilation, this time from A Constant Storm:

I've tried my best to keep it short as there's so much music that there's no time for reading. Remember to listen it with the volume turned up to 11, share it with as many humans as possible, let your favourite composers know you appreciate their hard work and buy their merch.

Mosh responsibly \m/ Maciek

Entered: 12/10/2022 11:04:52 AM