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Live Review - Algebra, Comaniac, Cryptosis, Vektor - Junkyard Dortmund - 10/26/22

A wonderful evening with a great thrash billing awaited me that Tuesday. The tour was originally planned for April 21 but for the reasons we all know the tour was postponed. Starting with Swiss guys from Algebra, the audience (who wasn't too big that early evening) got offered some pretty interesting technical thrash with a lot of Slayer and Sepultura-influences. They put the focus mainly on their newest album Chiroptera and only played two songs from their previous albums. I have to say that I liked their performance quite a bit and that the music came over much better and more aggressive than on their albums. I guess I should give them another spin though.

Tracklist: 'The Fallen' / 'Kleptomaniac' / 'Resucitation' / 'Inner Constraints' / 'Chiroptera' / 'Accomplice' / 'Crook' / 'Suspect'


After Algebra another Swiss band, namely Comaniac, entered the stage. They must have been a real blast on tour because they told me that their latest album Holodox was already sold out and that the Hamburg audience was to blame for that. First of all their eye-catcher was their bass player who had a fracture and sat on the stage with a plaster cast. The music that the quartet plays is more technical than what Algebra did, I would say that it is what you would have called techno-thrash in the 90s. A lot of Coroner-influenced song-writing and some really cool hooks made out the music.

Tracklist: 'Coal' / 'Secret Seed' / 'Holodox' / 'Art Is Dead' / 'New Face Of Hell' / 'Narcotic Clan' / 'Head Of The Snake' / '1,2 Rage'


With Cryptosis my personal highlight of the evening entered the stage. The first thing that caught my attention were the two huge monitors with a lot of advertisement for the band which was displayed before they started. But also during the gig the monitors played a main role. The Dutch trio played the whole Bionic Swarm album and this was done to absolute perfection. The audience was involved and I guess that everybody was astonished about the guys. During the gig the monitors played all their videos and a lot of animation and the timing of Franck Johanson, Laurens Houvast and Marco Prij was absolutely flawless. No mistakes were allowed because of the videos that ran with their gig and they really got it. So let's hope for a new album soon.

Tracklist: 'Overture 2149' / 'Decypher' / 'Death Technology' / 'Prospect Of Immortality' / 'Transcendence' / 'Perpetual Motion' / 'Conjuring The Egoist' / 'Game Of Souls' / 'Mindscape' / 'Flux Divergence'


After this it was pretty hard to top the concert but Vektor did a very fantastic job. I won't go into detail now with all the gossip about being on/off at Century Media and the reasons about that, just focus on the music. They also played a perfect gig without any flaws so that everybody who is into extreme technical thrash was absolutely satisfied with their performance. They interacted a lot with the audience and appeared to be quite appealing that evening. What may be a little bit exhausting is the fact that they have such long songs so that it might be hard to follow sometimes.

Tracklist: 'Charging The Void' / 'LCD' / 'Black Future' / 'Dead By Dawn' / 'Tetrastructural Minds' / 'Collapse' / 'Recharging The Void' / 'Asteroid'

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