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Live update from VooDoo Club, September 23, 2023 Warsaw, Poland

Sacramental Petrification of Europe 2023.

On September 23, 2023 the penultimate concert of the European tour of Altars (Australia) and Fossilization (Brazil) took place at the VooDoo Club in Warsaw. Quite a large herd of metal warriors appeared in front of VooDoo on that Saturday night. Kingdom was there to warm them up before headliners took the stage and starting with a slight delay, the first sounds came from the stage. The dark death metal of the quartet from Płock brought a lot of people in front of the stage and with each subsequent song it became more crowded. Although I think Kingdom's performance lacked some of the meatiness of the guitars, it was still very successful.

After a short break, the Brazilians appeared on the stage. The stage was enveloped in clouds of red-illuminated smoke, and faster pieces flew first. Here you could no longer complain about the sound, which was best heard with absolutely crushing slow-downs. Maybe the musical hell didn't spread to the stage, but I can confidently say that Fossilization should be satisfied with the performance.

A moment's break and it was time for the Australians. The third death metal band and the third form of death metal. Altars fans gathered in front of the stage got what they wanted. The singer's brutal sound and fury spread to the fans and all hell broke loose in front of the stage. Guitar twists don't make metal dances any easier, but the accumulated energy from previous performances had to explode at some point. It was Altars who was able to externalize this energy. Way to go! After such concert, both the band and the fans were satisfied.







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Entered: 9/27/2023 6:40:12 AM