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Live update from Moto Pub, March 9, 2024 Białystok, Poland

Can you stay home when your favorite band performs in your area and it's your birthday? I couldn't sit that one out and crossed the threshold of the Moto Pub, and the recordings you will see below are proof of this massacre.

The first one to go was Białystok's INFERIAL. Some time ago you could read a review of their debut promo-demo Eternal Descent on our pages, and now we present a short video report from their concert. Locals and others who came to the Moto Pub crowded in front of the stage from the first sounds of guitars and stayed there until the very end. It wasn't enough for them to play the entire material. Only after the encore could they leave the stage. This was probably the best proof that fans liked their version of death/thrash metal.

After a quick reload of ammunition and stage equipment, SACROFUCK stormed the stage with their grinding death metal. After the well-received Święta Krew I was curious about their stage blasphemy. They didn't sound very clear until the sound system was properly adjusted, but later it was quite good. A quick music brought a quick end.

Another change of instrumentation and the Chełmsko/Lubelski quartet - STRAIGHT HATE - took the stage. I had already seen several of their stage abominations and I remember them all well, so I was ready to start the next one. An interesting feature of this performance was Kamil's replacement with Piotrek from Deivos. Although I can't say anything bad about Piotr's playing, I missed Kamil on stage, so I wish him a speedy recovery. Thank you, Kuba, for inadvertently giving me such a great injection of grindcore energy, and great respect for Wizun, his drum artistry adds magic to this grinding miasma.








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Entered: 3/15/2024 7:15:31 PM
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