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Live update from The Unquestionable Blasphemy Tour - Warszawa, Proxima - 2/28/2024

Wednesday afternoon, cold and raining. Normally it would be a warm tea in one hand and the TV remote or a book in the other and until spring we wait. Not this time. If such classy bands as ATHEIST and CRYPTOPSY are haunting your area, you don't stay home, just get your a** up and go to the concert! 

Hungarians - MONASTERY started the whole thing. I won't write too much about them because I saw them in August of last year as the opening act for I am Morbid. They didn't knock me down then, it was the same this time. I won't say they're a bad band, but there are plenty of mediocre ones around here.

ALMOST DEAD - I haven't seen these guys before, and since the previous album was quite good, my curiosity was aroused. They did not disappoint live. Solid, energetic thrash/groove. The singer was so full of energy that he didn't have enough space on the stage, so he often ventured into the audience - showman.

The crowd was getting thicker with every minute of waiting for the old technicians - ATHEIST. I was a bit afraid of this concert, because only Kelly Shaefer came from the old line-up, and they released their last, and not the best, album 14 years ago. I wasn't sure what such broken music would sound like live. It sounded amazing, and the power of youth absolutely blew everyone gathered around the stage. Real madness on and in front of the stage. The set lasting over an hour was not enough. The audience forced the return of Kelly and company. It was one of my better concerts, and Canadians were still to play.

I don't need to remind anyone of the CRYPTOPSY class, because it's another walking history of death metal. Their musical quality was confirmed by the last album As Gomorrah Burns. The Canadian death machine was well oiled that evening. What a different kind of death metal poured out of the speakers. It is a pure emanation of aggression and brutality. Despite some fatigue among the fans, no one was going to rest. The pit was spinning, and my phone which had to replace my Lumix this time was a proof of its power. It survived, but despite the protection, the cracks on the screen will remain for the rest of its life.

Half dead, but very satisfied, I returned home.










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Entered: 4/16/2024 7:40:02 AM