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Death metal monster Vitur signed with Deformeathing Production

VITUR signed a contract with Deformeathing Prod. to release their debut album. The album will contain nine songs in the vein of brutal, technical, but at the same time dark death metal. If we were to mention names for reference or inspiration, we should mention The Faceless, Deeds of Flesh, Suffocation, Origin, The Zenith Passage or Archspire.
VITUR is a new band from Warsaw/Poland and despite their short time on stage, VITUR is confident in themselves and the path they have chosen. The four-person combo (Hostia drummer in lineup) will present itself in its full glory in the fall of '24 with an album titled Transcending The Self.

In the meantime, we invite you to listen to the single called, 'The Entity' below:

Mateusz Prusak - Guitars
Kamil Stefański - Guitars
Michał Kotwas - Bass/Vocals
Ignacy Zieliński - Drums

Vitur online:

Entered: 4/14/2024 2:10:46 PM
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