South Of Heaven

Part IV

Things are going badly in the Polish state. Nonsense! Unless when it comes to politics, because musically things are going great, and let's hope it'll continue. There are a lot of new emerging bands that not only play on a high technical level but they often have something to say and very often they step on the heels of the best and proven bands. And since veterans don't want to give up, we have a very good and healthy situation in which everyone wants to come out best. For the listener this is the perfect situation. For the reviewer too, because there is nothing better than to review material that is a pleasure to listen to. It was like that this time too and from the whole pile of materials that I went through, I chose these dozen items or so for you. So I invite you to find out what interesting things have happened in the national hell in recent months…



EXTINKT - Trinity Redux - Ossuary Records

The second album of this trio composed of former or current members of Terrordome, Rites Of Daath, Psychopath is just over half an hour of music that can be described as a mix of old-school thrash and speed metal. Anyway, just one look at the cover and we immediately associate it with you know who's "Persecution Mania". Although musically, Extinkt's music moves in a much broader range. There is room here not only for Teutonic thrash, but also playing from the Thames and overseas. Quite a nice mix of several musical genres with a predominance of thrash driving. For me, the best ones are the 2-minute stompers in which Extinct doesn't fuck around, but songs such as the over 6-minute 'Fed With Disease' also swings nicely and gives you a moment of respite. It's a nice one to listen to.


CONCATENATION - Existence Full of Promises - Independent

This is the second album of this band from Płock, in which battle proven guys that played in groups such as The Thorn, Leshy, Parh or Baalberith play. And this experience can be heard very clearly, because Existence Full Of Promises is not your ordinary death metal which only cares about being faster, harder, etc. Of course it is very hard and brutal, but everything is played with great thought. The disc is full of interesting ideas and unconventional solutions (this wonderful saxophone in 'Forlorn', which closes the album – sweetness to my ears!!!). And I don't mean that there are also a lot of thrash and psychedelia elements here (I think they really like VoiVod),and non-obvious tricks. I very much like the sick atmosphere of the album, the way everything is swirling and boiling in its own juice. An additional plus for the great and colorful vocals which surprised even an old pro like me at times (like e.g. chants in 'Your Doom'). Of course, I realize that by recording such an album, Concatenation condemned itself to commercial death, because this type of playing is not very popular in the country on the Vistula River, but I hope I'm wrong, because they definitely deserve big applause!


VARNHEIM - Aura - Independent

We stay in Płock. Moreover, Varnheim is closely related to Concatenation, despite the fact that it moves in completely different areas of metal. And the second thing that both of these bands have in common is that neither of them takes the easy way. Because Varnheim on their second album also doesn't play simple and obvious black metal. Great emphasis is placed on the compositions and, above all, the atmosphere of these songs, which seem to form one, well-thought-out whole. Well, I don't think it's necessary to be somehow closely oriented to the intention of the authors of Aura to guess that it is a concept album. It's really nice to listen to it and, most importantly, their black metal, although quite diverse in its form, is really addictive and can keep you interested throughout its duration, and this is not so obvious. In slower and more trance-like moments, you can also hear doom metal inspirations, but in general I recommend this material to those who love playing in the style of the Finnish Unholy or our Mgła.


TORTURED CORPSE - Rites Of Putridity And Death - Independent

The debut material of the quartet from Silesia brings us 6 songs described by the band itself as Obscure Old School Death Metal Terror. Well, I have to agree with this statement. I would also add here that it is a rather raw type of death metal, more in the vein of NunSlaughter, Cianide, and sometimes old material from Cannibal Corpse, Bolt Thrower or Rottrevore. There are no technical wizardry, super fast drum parts or other virtuosity here. 'Midnight Carnage' reminds me of Napalm Death from the times of "Harmony Corruption" or "Utopia Banished", but these are just loose associations. Of course, the production of this EP could be better and juicier, but I understand that it is also a nod to the 80s and 90s.


SOULCARRION - Soulcarrion - Godz Ov War Productions

A year after its debut, the capital's SoulCarrion came out with a 4-song EP. This time, they chose Młody (Stillborn, Embrional, Squash Bowels and tons of others) as their partner in crime, who is one of the best professionals in our country. Thanks to this move, this material breathes even more evil and attacks our hearing organs in a more natural way. SoulCarrion moves in the atmosphere of unholy satanic death metal and I think that fans of Immolation, Incantation, or our native and late Damnation will find something for themselves here. I think that, next to Dira Mortis, they are currently one of the most promising bands on our scene, of course when it comes to such hellish playing.


MORDHELL - Satanic Wombs - Fallen Temple

This is the fourth album of this Poznań crew of murderers and sonic deviants. Intro and 4 original songs of raw and sleazy black metal only for the most ardent and maniacal followers of this type of music. In addition, Mordhell serves us covers: Bathory, DarkThrone and Burzum, and I think this is a perfect complement to this original part, because these bands are certainly among the main inspirations of the quartet from Wielkopolska. Besides, it seems to me that it is enough to look at the album cover to determine who this album is addressed to.


NONSANTO - Human Condition - Independent (digital)/ NIC Rec. (CD)

The new EP from the Wrocław crew from Nonsanto brings us a 7-song storm, which can best be described as a mixture of grindcore/power violence and punk, although there are also some strictly metal elements. And although after listening to the intro I thought that the whole thing would be in the style of Bolt Thrower. And then there was an ambush and the guys started riding such a firecracker that it almost knocked me out of my slippers! I think they would be a great support for Antigama, and they would also find a common language with bands like Straight Hate or Hostia.


HORDA - Form - Independent

And I must admit that this band is developing beautifully. They have been around for over 5 years, but the path they have taken since the beginning arouses my great admiration. Horda from Tarnow is made up of young, but extremely talented musicians. Besides, I had the opportunity and pleasure to play with Deimos for a while in Kult Mogił, so I personally saw how talented and hard-working he was. And after several years of searching, they release Form, an album that is by all means mature and well-thought-out, but on the other hand extremely brutal and extreme in its musical message. This type of black metal cannot be played by just anyone, on the contrary, it must be someone who not only has skills, but also musical imagination. And in the case of the five inhabitants of Tarnów, this has practically no limits. They can go into serious depths of black extreme, then they can take the listener to more atmospheric and spiritual regions, and after a while, they can return to crazy and even schizophrenic rides. And most importantly, Horda does not resort to any mega-sophisticated means of destruction, but does it in a standard, thoroughly metal way, for which I am grateful, because I am increasingly fed up with these pseudo-artistic and over-intellectualized new-fangled creations.


CONFESSION - Coloured By The Red Flames Of Fire - Independent

The duo Confession from Mysłowice released their debut album in 2022, and it contains just over half an hour of black metal. Black metal that is not very sophisticated, original or that could cause any stir nowadays. Because the basis and main inspiration for Confession is generally speaking the work of Satyr and his Satyricon. And these are from different periods of activity. I'm not saying it's bad, because it's quite nice to listen to. But my point is that there is no element of surprise on this album or anything that would make you curse under your mustache: oh fuck. That is missing. Besides, it's fine and I believe that in the future they will go in some more interesting, crazy direction.


LAS TRUMIEN - Głód Zabijania - Piranha Music

Perhaps I should write about this band in the general review section, because they have been playing for a while, have several releases under their belt, and, above all, they are made up of battle-beaten players. However, I think that the music of Las Trumien is very underground, with a dark and evil message, so I don't think the guys will be offended by it. And what does their second full length bring us? Well, definitely a development of the formula known from previous releases. Certainly progress in every respect - both in terms of the sound, which is full and juicy, just like a good stoner album should be. There is power. Moreover, the compositions are certainly better, individual numbers are more memorable, and Wojtek's vocals - with each release of each of his bands, it is getting better, stronger, meatier. At times, like in the opening number of the album 'Zwierzyna' or 'Wiosna W Miami' Las Trumien picks up the pace a bit and we have a really cool ride, similar in atmosphere to hard core, which will get even the not very lively audience going at concerts. It's nice that all these heavy riffs are no longer influenced by Down, Crowbar, but contain a little more looseness and something more homely. It's a nice album and although I'm not normally a die hard fan of this type of music, I don't regret a single minute spent on this album.


ENTERCHRIST - We are Just Getting Started - Independent

I'm not going to lie to you or anything - I'm not a fan of grindcore, but Radziu and Wojtek have a gift that allows them to convince me to like them, or rather, their work. Another creation of these gentlemen known from, among others: HIV, Death Crusade or Nuclear Holocaust and another dose of old-school bashing, without any stiffness, completely relaxed and with a bang. 21 numbers in 22 minutes – is it possible? Yes it is. But if they would toss the fuck out the vocals run through the harmonizer, it would be great. A short album so a short review. Amen.


MORRATH - Centuries Of Blindness - Metal Is The Law Prod.

Do you remember Prowler from Leszno? Well, they're now called Morrath and they've just released their debut album. An album that can really be enjoyed and which, when compared to many renowned Western productions from the world of death metal, comes out really unscathed. Both in terms of compositions, the band's technique, and the sound, which is brutal, juicy and at the same time clear. Half an hour of really high-level death metal should satisfy every maniac.


CHIMERA - Gloria Mortis - Independent

Sources say that Chimera comes from Warsaw and the album in question is their second release. And after listening to the whole thing, which lasts less than three quarters of an hour, the first thing that catches your ears is that Dissection and their monumental "Reinkaos" made a huge impression on them. And it would be really nice to listen to their melodic heavy/black metal, if it weren't for the fact that the production of Gloria Mortis is at an average level. In addition, the tapping drum kick is terribly irritating, and sometimes, despite the really cool ideas and melodies played by the band, it can throw the band off track (nomen omen). I know these are small details, but they are very important and I think Chimera should pay attention to this in the future. Because musically it's really good and it flows nicely throughout the entire album.


OHYDA - Psalmy Śmierci - Wolfspell Rec.

Ohyda is not far from Mordhell... no, this is not a new proverb, but in fact Ohyda is personally related to the latter band, but not only that, because their music is equally raw, dirty and disgusting. 6 new numbers intended only for orthodox black metal fans and lovers of the talent of Diabolizer and his crazy company.


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