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Live Review - Endseeker, Asinhell - Turock, Essen - 06/24/24

What a fantastic start into a new week – seeing German HM2-deathers Endseeker and the all-star band Asinhell together on stage. Although Turock wasn't too crowded at 7.45 PM all went fine when Endseeker started playing at 8 and I guess it was more the weather which was quite fine compared to the shit happening since May 23. So they had an almost sold-out Turock that wanted to be entertained. And everybody who has seen Endseeker before (my last time was at Turock Open Air summer 23) knows that they rock the house. Although they do really brutal old-school death metal á la Entombed or Dismember, they don't try to be as evil as possible on stage which makes them really likable. And even if vocalist Lenny looks a little bit like Uncle Fester, he acts like the nice son-in-law, very kind and always good for a joke. So this gig turned out to a really entertaining thing that really everybody enjoyed. Songs from the latest three albums were performed but mainly focused onto their latest release Global Worming and apart from the cool stage acting, the sound was also very good. Hope to see you guys soon again!


And then the moment everybody was waiting for finally came: Michael Poulsen on stage, so close that you even could shake his hands. I must confess that I was really curious how he would do on such a small stage compared to the ones he usually plays with his main band Volbeat. But he did a fantastic job. No allures and honestly he was very close to the fans. Shaking hands, using a hand ventilator that a fan gave him, he interacted very much with the front rows. And of course the other ones in the band (with Flemming Lund including another musician from Volbeat), especially vocalist Marc Grewe, did a fantastic job. The last time I saw Marc live was in I guess 1996 with Power Of Expression and I must state that he is still that agile on stage as he was back then. So the guys presented their whole album, a Death cover and a nice medley of some Autopsy songs (if I got that right) and unleashed the same power as on CD. Cool show, hope another album will follow!

Setlist: Desert Of Doom / Trophies / Pyromantic Scryer / Inner Sancticide / Ultimate Sin / Island Of Dead Men / Leprosy (Death cover) / Wolfpack Laws / Impii Hora / Medley / Fall Of The Loyal Warrior

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