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Review:8Dec2020HEGEROTH - Perfidia

HEGEROTH - Perfidia

With the hype that the Polish extreme metal scene has had with bands such as Batushka and Mgła, it was only a matter of time...

Review:7Dec2020SODOM - Genesis XIX

SODOM - Genesis XIX

The history of Sodom and Tom Angelripper in particular, is full of peculiarities. It starts with the fact that he had no hand...

Review:6Dec2020ARAWN - Odkazy Doby

ARAWN - Odkazy Doby

Here's another fantastic melodic death metal band that you'll enjoy. Arawn hailing from Czechia have proceeded to stun the masses...

Review:6Dec2020MAGOTH - Invictus

MAGOTH - Invictus

The story of Magoth is not without frictions, but mastermind Heergott has proven that they can take a lot of hits. The tough guy...