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Review:25May2023THANATOMASS - Hades


The darkest hour has come for the lost souls that are about to dwell deep in the Underworld, the realm of Hades. Today’s topic is...

Review:25May2023KIEPJA - Maga


One of the many things I like about heavy metal music is that, despite the constant developments and evolution of the style,...

Review:21May2023UKAKUJA - Ōmukade

UKAKUJA - Ōmukade

Among the many branches of extreme metal, there lies a specific sub-genre of dissonant, jarring music that it is completely...

Review:18May2023HALIPHRON - Prey


With Prey the Dutch guys and a gals deliver a pretty cool and very bombastic debut album which came out on Listenable Records....

Review:17May2023GHOST - Phantomime

GHOST - Phantomime

I must confess that I am an absolute Ghost fanboy and that will probably never change. Accordingly, my anticipation was great...