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Forlorn Chambers is a very enigmatic project - nobody knows who's in the band or how many people are actually in it. The first EP has just come out. The search for lyrics to 3 brilliant tracks led me to the best place to chat with other people. No, not Chatroulette, you dirty perverts, I meant Facebook. I managed to ask the mysterious vocalist few questions and you can read the short conversation below. Enjoy. I'll try to update you with more details as soon as they're available...


Any plans for the full-length release or live shows?

We are in the process of writing more songs to release a full length album at some point. Of course it is hard to tell, when the album would be finished - We only want to put out quality songs, with solid playing, solid composition and a profound meaning that we all unite behind. And you can't rush that. But yes, we are writing and recording. What comes to live shows, we are now concentrating on the album. Once we got that finished and have enough songs to play... maybe.

Any hints on the line-up?

We are not a one-man band.

Are all musicians from Tampere or some of you have recently moved?

We've been here for years now, but none of us is natively from Tampere. Tampere is the second biggest city in Finland, after the capital region (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa) and quite a lot of the people in here are not natively from here.

Is this the first band for all members? Or have you played in some other bands before Forlorn Chambers?

No, this is not the first for us. All of us are experienced and have been doing all sorts of music-stuff for years now.

Do you plan to reveal which bands you were in previously? Or who is in the band?

Those things will remain to be secret for the time being. We'll see if we release some info when we get the album done.

OK, thanks a lot then for these few words. Can I at least ask who was I writing with? Vocalist? Guitarist? Bassist? Drummer?

The vocalist.

Thanks a lot and good luck with the album. Can't wait until it's out. All the best!

And remember that we hail the ones who fall! - We believe in being who you are and doing what you see best - Dare to take the fall to be what you are.

Thanks again. We all must fall to avoid mental castration...

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