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MB Premiere: VULTUR - 'Drowned in Gangrenous Blood'

On October 31st Greece's death metal act VULTUR will release the highly anticipated second album, Drowned in Gangrenous Blood, via Memento Mori, but today we are honored to host the premiere of the title track giving you a putrid odor of vintage death metal.

'Drowned in Gangrenous Blood' is a perfect representation of the album that starts with a 'tasteful' choking before rolling into bludgeoning death that reeks of deadly and punishing riffs, spewed across merciless tempo changes and relentless death metal savagery. With addition of riveting guitar leads and gurgling vocals, this sonic disembodiment has one goal in mind, spreading blasphemy and punishing listener until you can feel those morbid fluids in your mouth.

VULTUR, with its sophomore release, emerges from the darkened tombs of the Hellenic underground as one of the acts to watch, and while not shying from drinking heavily from the fathers of the genre, the authenticity and passion for writing sick and menacing tunes is unquestionable. For a full review of the album you can go here, unless you'll choke on gangrenous blood first.

Drowned in Gangrenous Blood, featuring literally viscous cover art courtesy of Gargoylekelly, will go on sale October 31st, 2019 via Memento Mori.


George N. - Rythm Guitars
Giannis Grim - Vocals
Bill Tsafas - Drums
George Wolf - Bass


Entered: 9/16/2019 12:01:39 AM