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MB Premiere: TRAGIC DEATH - 'Born Of Dying Embers' full album stream

Blackened "hell metal" band TRAGIC DEATH are prepared to unfold their haunted visions of Apocalypse through their EP "Born of Dying Embers" due out October 25th 2019. With 3 lengthy tracks respectively titled 'Gloaming', 'Dead Flies' and 'Apparitions', the Madison Wisconsin makeup of Steven Craig Moser Jr. (guitar, vocals), Joe Dunn (bass), Kyle Grossen (synth) and Cody Stein (drums) project images of a mayhemic world but a few steps away.

Atmospheric yet all the while vile, "Born of Dying Embers" is a composition well balanced in depicting a landscape of annihilation and hopelessness. The cover art by J Nihil presents a beauty unfolding within this sonic chaos so excellently captured by Adam Tucker at Signature Tone Recordings. Certainly an effort to behold; join MetalBite for this stream of undoing TRAGIC DEATH delivers with "Born of Dying Embers".

Full album review can be found here.


Steven Craig Moser Jr. - Guitar/Vocals
Joe Dunn - Bass
Cody Stein - Drums
Kyle Grossen - Synth


Entered: 10/24/2019 12:05:58 AM