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MB Premiere: DOOMRAISER - 'The Dark Side Of Old Europa'

Active since 2003 followed by a demo in 2004, the Italian doom metal band DOOMRAISER have returned with an album plunged in historic references through the use of toiling, yet proud guitars, vocals and drums on their 5th full-length record titled "The Dark Side Of Old Europa".

Scheduled to be released through Time to Kill Records on the February 24th 2020; however, you won't need to wait until then to visit this golden era, for one of those things from the debris of the darkest corners of that time has crawled into the light with purpose through the title track 'The Dark Side Of Old Europa'. Though merely a short spell to activate the trance, take nothing away as it cries for the return of the old ways.

'You poured the blood of the righteous in the cups of the tyrants' says much about what's going on here and the music itself builds upon the lament for the past. From the dragging guitars, acoustic strings, drumming and prided yet pleading vocals you quickly come to understand what DOOMRAISER are about to conjure. Through this song alone you hear where Khemmis and the likes of get their some of their inspirations; DOOMRAISER is an entity almost buried by the swelling surge of mediocrity and insincerity and "The Dark Side Of Old Europa" embodies the years of their accent.

The band comments about the song:

"The love for our roots, respect for our culture, pride for our land and its past glory made us write this song.

It describes the ancient beauty of a land and culture now completely lost and at the same time it is an attempt to exorcise the most sinister and harmful part of certain European politics, the dark side of humanity, which becomes absolute evil if mixed with this historical approach.

Eurocentrism is the seed of evil, it gave birth to destruction, engulfed immense and rich lands, generated colonialism and imperialism which devastated so many cultures; in the name of "Civilization" entire populations have been submitted, the history and spirit of whole communities have been erased and even the differences and diversities have been annihilated.

Because of this "black culture" tyrants and dictators have spread hatred and destruction across the world and through expansionism warlords got wealthy in the palaces of power.

We are the children of this cultural disaster, the grandchildren of the great war, the product of this contemporary decline!"


Nicola Rossi - Vocals/Synth
Marco Montagna - Guitars
Giuseppe Nantini - Guitars
Andrea Caminiti - Bass
Daniele Amatori - Drums


Entered: 1/9/2020 5:56:58 AM