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MB Premiere and Interview: SALTAS - 'Mors Salis: Opus I' full album stream

As you will come to see, what lies in the dark, in an undisclosed, unidentifiable part of the psyches of C.J and N. Rudolfsson, are not easy to make sense of, or drag under the lenses of logic; rather an experience for the wandering pineal to drown in.

N. Rudolfsson is no stranger to the darkness, that along with Johannson on "Mors Salis: Opus I", entertain and at times fatigue/pressure the dormant and forbidden regions of the mind. SALTAS to the inquisitive, bosoms many a mystery and wicked incantations on their debut effort of concentrated entropy (among other things), "Mors Salis: Opus I". Luckily, MetalBite managed to invoke the presence of Nicklas Rudolfsson for a glimpse and brief prying apart of the sealed womb of vacuous whispers and visions emboldened on new record that stream in full below and will be out through Nuclear War Now! Productions, March 15th 2020.

You're involved with many other bands, more notably Runemagick and The Funeral Orchestra; how much of those influences would you say seep into Saltas' music whether it be thematically or ideological?

There may be some riffs that are in the same vein as The Funeral Orchestra. It's the same riff-writer/composer, maybe heard here and there. But in our opinion, Saltas is something unique to itself. During the period when we started with the Saltas project, the The Funeral Orchestra was dormant. However, it is now active. But as we said, Saltas is another thing for us.

What's the purpose of Saltas, more specifically what does it aim to achieve that Runemagick or The Funeral Orchestra have not already?

More experimental and minimalist elements. And we only use guitars and percussion. We have tried to get some kind of morbid atmosphere without having any goal of placing ourselves in a certain genre or frameworks.

What was the recording process of "Mors Salis: Opus I", like as a duo in terms of message consistency and focus on the musical aspect?

We recorded separately. So we never met physically during the recording session. We sent recording takes back and forth between us and sculpted the end result. Some parts have also been improvised and then refined. So you can say that the album slowly grew but within a minimalist boundary.

How difficult was it making Saltas its own identity?

When you, like us, are active in many constellations, it can be difficult in some cases, but we feel that it went well. Certainly, as mentioned before, it is may be heard that it’s the same composers and maybe even some equipment and sound. But we feel that Saltas is its own dimension and identity.

Having recently put out one of Runemagick's best albums, would you say you were pressured in competing with yourself on "Mors Salis: Opus I"?

No, this is something completely different.

What were some of the challenges encountered when making "Mors Salis: Opus I"?

Nothing so direct, we had open minds. But as mentioned before, it can be a challenge that it should not remind too much about other bands and projects we are or have been involved in. It should be said that when the project was started we had never played together. However, we have had contact sporadically for many years before that.

Full interview can be found here.


C. Johansson - percussion, vocals
N. Rudolfsson - strings, vocals


Entered: 3/9/2020 9:27:04 AM