The Week In Metal - Week Of Mar 2 - 8, 2020

Can't ask for a better start to a month than today's list. First week of March fires off with high caliber releases spanning all styles, satisfying even the most demanding and selective listeners. Without recommending single band or a title, I strongly suggest you spend some quality time here and give all those artists a chance and discover breathtaking demonic nuances hidden behind dense and unsettling arrangements.

Till next week...

Thrash, death metal from Italy: Self Disgrace - Fetus In Fetu (Malevolence Records)


Black metal from Hungary: Aetherius Obscuritas - Martir (Independent)


Crust, blackened death metal from Canada: Ahna - Crimson Dawn (Caligari Records)


Death, experimental, avant-garde metal from United States: Azure Emote - The Third Perspective (SelfMadeGod Records)


Doom, death metal from Netherlands: Beast Of Revelation - The Ancient Ritual Of Death (Iron Bonehead Productions)


Black, industrial metal from Switzerland: Borgne - Y (Les Acteurs De L'Ombre Productions)


Progressive metal from Spain: Born In Exile - Transcendence (Art Gates Records)


Power, heavy metal from Switzerland: Burning Witches - Dance With The Devil (Nuclear Blast)


Melodic, gothic metal from Germany: Crematory - Unbroken (Napalm Records)


Black, death metal from Australia: Earth Rot - Black Tides Of Obscurity (Season Of Mist)


Death metal from Denmark: Eciton - Suspension Of Disbelief (WormHoleDeath Records)


Death, grind metal from United States: Graveslave - Devotion (Independent)


Doom metal from United Kingdom: My Dying Bride - The Ghost Of Orion (Nuclear Blast)


Blackened Death metal from Norway: Nexorum - Death Unchained (Non Serviam Records)


Black, atmospheric metal from Indonesia: Pure Wrath - The Forlorn Soldier (Debemur Morti Productions)


Death metal from Egypt: Scarab - Martyrs Of The Storm (ViciSolum Productions)


Thrash metal from Italy: Shock Proof - The Will The Reason And The Wire (Time To Kill Records)


Death, progressive metal from United States: Svengahli - Nightmares Of Our Own Design (Independent)


Death metal from Poland: Trauma - Ominous Black (SelfMadeGod Records)


Death metal from international band: Tribe Of Pazuzu - King Of All Demons (Vic Records)


Black metal from Norway: Tulus - Old Old Death (Soulseller Records)


Deathcore from United Kingdom: Viscera - Obsidian (Unique Leader Records)


Black, death metal from Norway: Vredehammer - Viperous (Indie Recordings)


Death metal from Sweden: Wombbath - Choirs Of The Fallen (Soulseller Records)


Black metal from Poland: Thurthul - Fury Of Ancient Race (Dark Omens Production)


Doom, sludge metal from United States: Grovel - Grovel (Independent)

Self Disgrace, Aetherius Obscuritas, Ahna, Azure Emote, Beast Of Revelation, Borgne, Born In Exile, Burning Witches, Crematory, Earth Rot, Eciton, Graveslave, My Dying Bride, Nexorum, Pure Wrath, Scarab, Shock Proof, Svengahli, Trauma, Tribe Of Pazuzu, Tulus, Viscera, Vredehammer, Wombbath, Thurthul, Grovel

Entered: 3/9/2020 11:44:54 PM