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MB Premiere: NEGATIVE THOUGHT PROCESS - 'Cognitive Dissonance'

With all that's going on in society today, one could not find it more fitting to blanket oneself in nihilism. UK crust punk band NEGATIVE THOUGHT PROCESS, resurfaces since their 2016 debut EP "I" and full-length "Methylene Butterfly" to blow off some steam.

A short outburst of 8+ minutes collectively on 6 songs strides towards the listener with a very reddening temperament. Promotional video for the single 'Cognitive Dissonance' delivers on all that embodies the medium, both aesthetically and sonically. Like an avalanche of broken bottles and stones, the harm is kept at a maximum for just over its 1 minute duration. A clatter of riffs drumming and deranged vocals congregate at the pit and let loose at each other with a rage seemingly un-quellable.

Crust / punk / grindcore, call it what you may, the affliction continues when the trio release their bottled up emotions on "Hell... Is Much Better Than This" (an answer to a question asked in 1982 by a punk band, they state), April 24th, 2020 through Hibernacula Records.

Get stomped!


Kyle Townsend - Bass
Danny Page - Vocals, Guitars
Jordan Allard - Drums


Entered: 3/26/2020 12:04:53 AM