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MB Premiere: DYSTOPIA A.D. - 'Plaguebringers'

Can't help but sit-by and watch the world's inhabitants drown in their disastrous decadence as you play many a theme song to the descent. New Jersey based melodic death metal band DYSTOPIA A.D. supply one of 6 tracks on their upcoming record, "Rise of the Merciless", to which you can satiate your share of apocalyptic ill-will.

Loosely melodic death metal with the etiquette of some progressive and technical styles, 'Plaguebringers' combines these elements to express Chris Whitby and Aki Shishido's societal views. The music here is a promising glimpse of what else is to be unveiled on "Rise of the Merciless" as it appeals to diverse branches of metal through its multifaceted instrumentation executed almost flawlessly. Here are the weights to aid the sink to abysmal depths.

"Rise of the Merciless" will be independently released on July 31st, 2020.

Band comments on new premiered track: "'Plaguebringers', the first single from Dystopia A.D.'s upcoming album, Rise of the Merciless, is a four-minute onslaught of massive OSDM grooves, pulverizing shred solos, and unexpected progressive elements. From the infectious opening riff to the final chugs of the epic chorus, Dystopia A.D. make their intentions clear to the world: to obliterate everything."


Chris Whitby - Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Aki Shishido - Guitars



Entered: 5/6/2020 12:08:28 AM