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MB Premiere: DEATHSTORM - 'Sulphuric Scents'

On July 31st, 2020, Dying Victims Productions is proud to present the highly anticipated fourth album of Austria's DEATHSTORM, "For Dread Shall Reign", on CD and vinyl LP formats. Today we unveil new chapter of dark thrashing madness titled 'Sulphuric Scents'.

From very old Metallica to equally old Slayer on to '80s Death and especially Demolition Hammer, DEATHSTORM here hammer out riffs, riffs, RIFFS! But, unlike so much thrash that haphazardly seeks to simply catalog riffs in disservice of the song, these Austrian veterans thread their enviable arsenal into hard-charging, headbanging juggernauts of immediately memorable metal-mania manna.

There's nothing fancy here, no concessions toward "maturity" or "crossover" or other euphemisms for watering-down their already-heady brew; for DEATHSTORM, heavy metal is the law, and For Dread Shall Reign honors this noble ideal pairing strong songwriting with a tight 'n' brutal production favorably reminiscent of the late '80s and early '90s.

Social criticism, serial killers, cults, anti-religion, war… all this is grist for DEATHSTORM's lyrical mill. What they spit out is supreme DEATH-fucking-THRASH of the highest order, because in these troubled times, For Dread Shall Reign!


Mac - Vocals, Bass
Ferl - Guitars
Mani - Drums


Entered: 6/5/2020 10:59:32 AM