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MB Premiere: BEAR MACE - 'Destroyed By Bears'

Fuck yes! this is death metal you need to get on ASAP. Remember back in the early 2000s when so many underground bands were trying to make a name for themselves?; but due to the oversaturated scene and heaps of mediocrity only a handful were able to create a legacy of their own. Storming from Chicago, BEAR MACE might as well have been around that period, and I could guarantee they would be huge by now.

The quintet of terror sound well on their way to greatness after hearing the first single ('Hibernation - Destroyed By Bears') off their upcoming 2nd full-length album "Charred Field of Slaughter". Death and thrash metal collide in one of the most beautiful ways, a spectacle, true earporn for the listener looking for something worthy to be placed alongside today's modern masterpieces. Vocals that sound like they're being gargled out by some deep sea creature, guitar pieces heavily influenced by the mid 90s, purposeful drums and bass and to back it all up, apocalyptic lyrics; what's not to love about this single.

This sounds like a faster Temple of Void or Disma for that fact, and if you know anything about those two bands, I should not have to say anything else as to why you NEED to have "Charred Field of Slaughter" when it's released August 14th, 2020 through bandcamp. Hop on this as soon as you get the chance or you'd be fucking up massively!!! Here's a single to snap your bones.

Guitarist Mark Sugar commented "We are proud to deliver the next chapter in the Bear Mace saga. We had a lot to prove this time around, and the result is an album that does not let up whatsoever."


Chris Scearce – Vocals
Mark Sugar – Guitar
Tommy Bellino – Guitar
John Porada – Bass
Garry Naples – Drums


Entered: 6/11/2020 8:16:48 AM