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MB Premiere: NEANDERTHAL NOISE MACHINE - 'Rölling Through The Night'

'Rolling Through the Night', I think you can get the image of what the fellows in NEANDERTHAL NÖISE MACHINE are about after having heard the preview track off their upcoming 2020 EP "Neanderthal Nöise Machine" (out on August 28th via Dying Victims Productions). Rocking heavy metal from 1980 for the motorcycle gang to prowl around with, is what you get as a sample of NNM's rebellious spirit.

Drunken metal riffs and drumming steered by loud n' proud roughneck vocals, build the framework for road rage theme music. And when backed by a great late 70's production, this shot of whisky will be one of the best you'll taste in 2020. Fans of motorhead are going to lap this up.


Ace - Guitars & Backing Vocals
Alimai - Drums & Lead Vocals
Bastard - Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals


Entered: 7/21/2020 12:16:52 AM