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MB Premiere and Review: COLTRE - 'Under The Influence' full album stream

I love this little jewel of an EP COLTRE has released; the UK based trio surely knows how to show respect to the spirit of the late 60s to 70s with their first effort, "Under The Influence". It's not just the music that hearkens back to the golden days of rock and roll recordings, but the production itself takes on a sound that seems to have been engineered via the analog method. Hence you get the feeling that you're listening to an album that was created around such a time. And coming from the UK who arguably have the title for inventing heavy metal thanks to Black Sabbath, COLTRE adds to the title of British veneration with their fine ode of sorts to the era.

'Lambs to the Slaughter' is an incredible first track to get things moving, it's 7-minute run-time seems fitting for the way the song is structured; it fulfills the vocal, drumming and riffing departments with exceptional sonic fidelity of the 70s, and also has a message that is very much relevant for the here and now; a cognitive itch for the listener. The lyrics cut deep into the consciousness and the music capitalizes on this as it's given a greater deal of exclusivity on the track. Soaring guitar leads take a plunge into sweeping guitar solos that fetch the lyrical weight of the songs with 'On the Edge of the Abyss' (instrumental), 'Plague Doctor' and 'Lambs to the Slaughter' specifically stealing the spotlight.

'Without a thought, you're stuck in their possession. Mindless clones, a slave to all instructions. Think for yourself, don't follow without question. You flock like sheep, like lambs to the slaughter'

Moving on to tracks like 'Crimson Killer' and 'Plague Doctor', you begin to get a better understanding of where COLTRE gets their influences from. Coven, Diamond Head, Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, Blue Oyster Cult, and Pagan Altar come to mind during the time engaged in listening to "Under The Influence". COLTRE put on a musical showcase when they blend said influences with their heavy metal sound and technique.

Full review of COLTRE's debut EP "Under The Influence" can be found here.

The band self-released "Under The Influence" on CD and digital, but on July 31, 2020 Dying Victims Productions steps forward to release it as a five-song work, featuring an exclusive new track on CD and 12” vinyl formats.


Daniel Sweed - Lead Guitar & Background Vocal
Marco Stamigna - Rhythm Guitar & Lead Vocal
Max Schreck - Bass Guitar & Background Vocal


Entered: 7/27/2020 11:56:58 AM