MB on Spotify - July summary

Greetings fellow metalheads!

Another month is behind us and definitely brought us quite a lot of stuff to listen to. And as usual, the variety of new metal is really impressive, so none of you should be bored, no matter which style you prefer.

Let's start with the ones which require your attention for a bit longer - the albums. The month we got full-lengths from Bury Tomorrow, Korgonthurus, The Funeral Orchestra, Volturyon, Cardiac Arrest, Spirit Possession, The Acacia Strain, AHTME, Coltre, Katalepsy, Pale Horseman, Deathstorm, Damnation Angels and an album full of cover songs played by Inter Arma. Just looking at the variety of bands the last one decided to cover is the reason you should check them out. And then check the rest of them, of course, if your attention span is at least 30 minutes. Check them all out under this link:

Some of the band released EPs last month, and in that form we've got some update about their flow of creative juices from Sirus, Inhalement, Nekus, In Flames, Dystopia A.D. and Upon a Burning Body. Whether you're into the easy-listening party-mode stuff or underground gritty material, we've got you all covered under this neat link:

July also brought us some spoiled babies, told by their parents they're the best AKA singles. Apart from tracks already included in albums above, we've had some creations which are definitely worth checking out - Avatar with Corey Taylor or  Ingested with Kirk Windstein - these are quite interesting collaborations. Devin Townsend gave us 3 singles, each 1-hour long, showing what sounds he likes. Some big names also gave us a little peek into their upcoming releases - Batushka (the Krysiuk's one), Enslaved, Ihsahn, Kataklysm, Mastodon, Napalm Death, Samael and Taake. All of the above and more can be found here:

We are still getting some live releases, which is making the whole waiting for big live shows a bit more bearable. We have another performance of Death - this time from Detroit in 1993, L'homme Absurde released "Efir Chnl Live Session" and finally we get a chance to hear how Septicflesh sounds with live orchestra and choir. And how Motorhead sounded in 1981, playing "Ace of Spades" in Belfast. So, put your speakers out the window, play them on full blast and live experience guaranteed. Even if it's more of a Type O Negative "The Origin of the Feces" experience, it still counts:

If you're a fan of re-releases, there's only one single track that has made it to this playlist in July and it's SAOR's remaster of their "Aura" track:

As usual I strongly encourage you to save those playlists to your libraries in Spotify and keep an eye on our profile for more new sounds about to arrive in August.

Mosh responsibly \m/

Entered: 8/5/2020 6:41:43 PM