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MB Premiere: RADIANT KNIFE - 'True Believers'

Ah, what better way to kick start the mid-day than with some progressive sludge metal. This time it's coming from the Louisiana based duo, RADIANT KNIFE. Never heard of the band but their upcoming EP The Ghost promises to be an amusing and introspective one judging by the video accompanying their supporting single, 'True Believers'.

I love the art style, it has that 70s touch of psychedelia with the typical christian hysteria as the video in the backdrop to the music. Ah! and yes the music, the very reason we have congregated here at MetalBite; good old sludge, mixed with some psychedelic and progressive elements.

RADIANT KNIFE cut to the bone of the genre but bring along their own penchants to add to the waves of sonic hypnotism through the addition of keyboard synth. 'True Believers' is a really spacy song that complements the visual angle and message of the promotional video. The pacing and primary structure reminds me a bit of Sleep's 'Dragonaut', plus the guitars and drumming do a great job of connecting with the vocals that's oftentimes a problem in sludge metal. However, RADIANT KNIFE as a unit plays like they cannot function without each other, hence the music is a brilliant reflection of cohesion. Get The Ghost when it's released October 9th 2020 and roll-down this rabbit hole we call reality.


Greg Travasos - Drums/Percussion
Stephen Sheppert - Guitar, Vocals, Synth



Entered: 9/28/2020 8:14:23 AM