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MB Premiere and Interview: DEATHEPOCH - 'Abysmal Invocation' full album stream

Another siren calling for total destruction comes from Poland, one of black metal's most iconic regions. But this destructive cry comes not in the form of only black metal, but a dreaded brandishing of death metal, war metal and the sonic hell of industrial ambient noises. The vessel fueling such a disturbance has been identified as DEATHEPOCH.

If the name does not clarify what you've enlisted for on their upcoming album "Abysmal Invocation", then Lord K. has some words that may supply those inquisitive ears with better insight. Here's what one of it's units had to say to MetalBite on the eve of the album release date (on October 6th via Putrid Cult) and those following the clinging sounds of machine gun chatter.

How did the idea of DeathEpoch come about?

The idea for DeathEpoch was born in my head in March 2020.

I wanted to combine extreme metal with sounds like ambient and heavy techno. I'm still fascinated by late and early Beherit.

Was it difficult in finding members to perform on the album hence all that has transpired and still is globally?

The first step was to ask Morgul if he would like to record this material on guitar and bass with me. He gladly entered it. Then we invited the guests to the album in the form of boys from Acheron Diocletian and Cultes Des Ghouls.

About the collaborations, describe your relationship with Vincent Crowley, Kris Stanley and Mark of the Devil. Was it tedious convincing them to contribute to this monstrosity?

No. We sent them ready-made songs asking if they would like to support us. Apparently they liked the material very much and they willingly gave their demonic vocals for our material.

Please state some philosophical common ground between yourself and Morgul with reference to the war metal subgenre.

We are both geeks of extreme metal which will breathe black blood in us. We love bands like Beherit, Revenge, Blasphemy. For us it's religion.

Would you say Deathepoch is an establishment that requires a philosophical criteria to be understood and agreed upon before one could take part? And was this the case with the inclusions of the guest musicians?

Of course. I have great admiration for them and for me they are icons of metal music and attitude as being.

War metal as a genre is flooded with bands, but yours is interesting, sonically. Explain the meaning behind the ambient tracks ('Abysmal Invocation I' etc.), and your vocal styling.

When it comes to industrial works, this was the idea behind the musical concept and lyrics. World industrialization, war conflicts and death.

Full interview can be found here.


Lord K. - vocals, drums
Morgul - guitars, bass


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