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MB Premiere: NETHERBLADE - 'Nothing Is Real'

Italian thrashers NETHERBLADE are back with their first full-length album, "Reborn". Showcasing a ruthless attack of pure thrash metal in its most intense and catchy form, "Reborn" will be released on October 16th, 2020 through Dark Hammer Legion/Volcano Records. Today, we're premiering the official video for the second single, 'Nothing Is Real'.

NETHERBLADE comment: 'Nothing Is Real' is our personal attack against so called false prophets, bad advisers and their greed. The song talks about some conflicts we had to face at the beginning of our career, probably something that a lot of other bands experienced at some point. We were told to make certain choices in order to be able to achieve certain goals, only to discover that the advice given was not in our best interest. Too many people in the music scene try and fuck over the artists. It's important to learn such lessons. 'Nothing Is Real' is about the bitterness we felt when dealing with these scumbags, it's a song about willing to rise up and move forward. It perfectly sums up the whole concept of our new record, "Reborn".


Danilo Sunna - Drums
Simone Aiello - Guitar
Davide Zacco - Guitar
Andrea Ledda - Vocals
Fabio Vanotti - Bass
*Luca Frisenna - Bass on the album


Entered: 10/1/2020 9:53:25 AM