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MB Premiere: OVERT ENEMY - 'In The End We Died'

Major Slayer vibes coming out of Texas based OVERT ENEMY off their supporting single 'In the End We Died' featured on their latest EP Possession and latest compilation Inception X Possession. The thing about this song that's great is OVERT ENEMY can actually pull off some pretty slick riffs to support their mid-late Slayer sound they're aligned with. Also their lyrics are more on the conscious side of the thrash metal spectrum.

The single has good flow and reminds me a lot of the early 2000s when I'd started finding some new interesting thrash metal bands from around the world such as Suicidal Angels (Greece). Its not often you'd find something interesting about a thrash metal band, but like all things, there's an exception. OVERT ENEMY seem to be taking their time and 'In the End We Died' is enough reason to support them. Good drumming, super cool riffs and fitting vocals. Just a band with lots of potential, hope they got a full length in the works.

Possession is out since August 9th, 2019 and Inception X Possession was released on September 1st, 2020 by Confused Records.


Leo Ortiz - Vocals, Guitars
Laura "Slayerella" Ortiz - Bass
Jaime Ayala - Drums
Rob Hahn - Guitars



Entered: 12/2/2020 8:32:34 AM