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MB Premiere: KROSSFYRE - 'Law Of The Jackals'

It was but 2017 when a humble mini-album titled Burning Torches emerged from a then-unknown Spaniards' KROSSFYRE. "Filled to the brim with fanatic black thrash metal... their rawness, their spontaneity and their audacity infect the listener... This band truly knows how to keep the torches burning" - just a few quotes from our review.

And while all's been quiet on the KROSSFYRE front since then, at long last do they release their first full-length: Rites Of Extermination. 38 minutes of passion and poison have been mixed into their cauldron that whips forth a fury that's strangely familiar yet simultaneously refreshing. Call it black metal, death metal, thrash, or just heavy metal, the album spills forth a go-for-the-throat hellishness that's timeless to the very end: infectious songwriting is the order of the day here, just as it was way back in the day. Hear the roar of war and feel the Devil's force, fiercer and fresher than ever!

Today we're proud to present KROSSFYRE's vicious single 'Law Of The Jackals' from long-awaited debut album, Rites Of Extermination, that will be released on July 23rd, 2021 by Hells Headbangers Records on CD and vinyl LP formats.


L.O. - Vocals
C.S. - Guitars, Bass
J.F. - Guitars
J.G. - Drums, Backing Vocals


Entered: 7/9/2021 12:03:14 AM