MB on Spotify - September summary

Greetings fellow metalheads!

It's been a while and now I owe you two summaries, so let's start with September. And it seems there are quite a few releases which have to be mentioned.

Let's start with the full releases, the big names that can't be missed are: Aborted, Carcass, Carnifex, Iron Maiden, Rivers of Nihil and Signs of the Swarm, which obviously means it was a good month. But, as usual, this summary is supposed to encourage you to explore some different regions of metal and try different stimuli to make you tap your feet, headbang, "blergh" or "roooooooar", so you should definitely check out new full-lengths from Pestilential Shadows, Skepticism, Virial, Portrait, Veilburner, Occulsed, Cognizance, Triacanthos, Fustilarian, Lvcifyre and Norse. I would definitely add debut album from Argesh, one of many bands with NicolÚ Paracchini (in this case black metal with some symphonic elements) and black metallers Cogas from London, UK. Also, if one album from Cosmophobe a year isn't enough for you ("Neo-Terran Dystopia" was released in April), you can get another fix of instrumental deathcore on "The Tragedy of Being" , Inferi (Nashville, TN) released "Vile Genesis" which has some good melodic death metal with solos (yes, still addicted to them) and some symphonic elements, too. You should also check out Solacide from Finland with their take on progressive black metal and Unique Leader Records gave us Vulvodynia (the band, not medical condition) with their "Praenuntius Infiniti" album, so if you're into pig-squeaks, blast-beats, breakdowns and solos (kind of trademark for ULR, isn't it?), check this one out. I know it's already November, but that shouldn't stop you from catching up with the above and more full releases using the link below:

We've also had almost 6 hours of music in form of EPs released in September. The bands included on our playlist are: ∆poch, Apogean, Carnivorous Horde, 2 EPs from Crocell (from Denmark), CroworD, Cult Burial, Existentia, Feanor, Forever Autumn, Goatskullt, Insomnium, Lieweaver, Lotan, No Coffin, Slimelord, The Troops of Doom and Zaqqoem. If your attention span allows you to focus on up to 6 tracks per one release, head over here:

OK, we've covered about 70 hours of music so far, what to do with the rest of your listening time? Why not search for some new bands by listening to promoting singles? Our playlist has 1914, Abscession, Aeon, The Agonist, Anima Hereticae, Archspire, As I Lay Dying, AtrÊ Bilis, Avatar, Bound in Fear, The Breathing Process, Cynic, Der Weg einer Freiheit, Deserted Fear, Exodus, First Fragment, Fit for an Autopsy, Hypocrisy, Kayo Dot, Lock Up, The Lurking Fear, Massacre, Mastodon, Me and that Man (feat. Myrkur on one and Chris Georgiadis from Turbowolf on another single), Misanthrope, Obscura, Omnium Gatherum, Running Wild, Sabaton, Stillbirth, Swallow the Sun, Unleashed, Vildhjarta and Whitechapel. There's even more on the playlist, so get over there, start browsing and adding to your shopping cart:

We have few splits released in September from Black Wound, Fluids, Putrid Stu, skullsceptre, Thecodontion and Vessel of Iniquity:

Material recorded during live shows and added to Spotify in September came from the following bands: Armored Saint, Behemoth, Doro (full album), Epica, Grima (also full show), The Ocean and Suffocation. If you enjoy the sound of music being performed on stage just start the playlist below, close your eyes and imagine you're in the audience:

Some of the older material got refreshed and released in new form in September, it includes Arroganz, Black Sabbath, Hammerfall, If Nothing Is, Minenwerfer, Ozzy Osbourne and Skepticism. If some of the original pressings were already sold out or you just forgot about them and need a reminder - this playlist is for you:

I've found some compilations released in September as well and prepared a playlist with them for you. It includes Cryptae, Internal Bleeding, In The Absence of Words and Skanners:

Keep an eye on our profile, add those playlists to your favourites to keep track of all additions, support your favourite artists and share them with all your acquaintances and friends.

Mosh responsibly \m/

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