MB on Spotify - October summary

Greetings, fellow metalheads! (Part 2) 

Now that we've all caught up with the music from September, we can move on to the summary for October. Another fantastic month for releases, big and small, fast and slow, spooky and not spooky.

Let's start with albums as we have some real gems here. First of all we've got Archspire, which presents the fastest and most precise... basically everything - drums, guitars (including solos), bass and, what is probably the most unique, the fastest growler. This is definitely an album not to be missed as this band is what is best in tech death. Then we have black metal legends Nekromantia, back after last full length released in 2007 and only one EP and two splits with new tracks since. Then we have Worm (the one from Florida), Crystal Coffin, First Fragment, Huronian, Burial, Sulphurous, Sunless, Sorguinazia, Full of Hell, Cradle of Filth, Hate, Noltem, Schavot, Atræ Bilis, Bizarre, 1914, Aeon, Thulcandra and Untamed Land - all ready to check out on Spotify. Since most of my favourites have already been mentioned I would only add Blood Red Throne, Bloody Falls, two more productions from my favourite Unique Leader Records - Bound in Fear and The Breathing Process, first album from German black metallers Caradras, heavy metal veterans Death SS, melodic death/thrash Destinity from France (Mick who is the vocalist was growling for example on my favourite No Return album "Fearless Walk to Rise") - I have to mention they have good solos. Same with Deviant Process, new album released for Season of Mist, Doedsvangr (who share the vocalist with Nordjevel), Hegemon, Massacre, Mastodon, Ministry, Running Wild, Sol Sistere, Svartulven, Toward the Throne, Vildhjarta and Whitechapel. So, yeah, get your ears ready and click below:

When you're done with the above, time for some EPs: The Agonist, Anima Hereticae, Aporium, Brundarkh, Creeping Death, Demolizer, Earthwomb, Enslaved, Ersedu, Exhumed, Exsul, Foul Body Autopsy, Havukruunu, Hexenbrett, Ignea, Illyrian, Katavasia, Raat, Rage in my Eyes, Reawacan, Rebellix, Rude, RüYYn, Scream at the Sky, Sepulchre by the Sea, Thirteen Bled Promises, Varnok and Weird Tales. All available under this link:

Now, the singles, the teasers for the upcoming bigger releases, that little something to get you hooked and ask for more. Apart from the stuff you can already find on albums/EPs playlists, we've got some new interesting stuff from Aephanemer, Allegaeon, Anomalie (with guest appearance of Sakis Tolis), Arch Enemy, Archgoat, Chronicle, Deserted Fear (covering In Flames), Exodus, Fit for an Autopsy, The Gathering, Hypocrisy, In Mourning, Krosis, The Lurking Fear, demo from Myrkur, Obscura, Oceans, Once Human, Sabaton, Shadow of Intent (Phil from Whitechapel on one of two singles), Swallow the Sun, Tombs, Unleashed, Upon a Burning Body, Veil of Maya and plenty of others. Over 15 hours of music to explore and find your new favourites can be found below:

There's only one band on our playlist with splits from October, as Spotify has only Grim Fate's tracks from their split with The Sombre:

We've got some live releases from October, too - Armored Saint's "Symbol of Salvation" with few bonuses, Bleed from Within with their "Viral Hysteria", Winterfylleth's performance at Bloodstock 2021 and live singles from Behemoth, Carnation, Death Angel, Imperial Triumphant, Kreator and Suffocation. Get yourself all sweaty, put on Christmas lights (if like me you don't have anything else to simulate the stage lights) and get crazy with this playlist playing in the background (and obviously be careful with homemade pyrotechnics):

If you feel like refreshing your memory and listen to some good old stuff, but remastered, sometimes enriched by previously unreleased tracks - we got you covered, too. Remastered albums that showed up on Spotify in October are: Black Sabbath "Technical Ecstasy", Cattle Decapitation "Homovore", Celaris "In Hiding" (instrumental version of the album), Cosmophobe "Infinite Unreality", Crafting the Conspiracy "The Cosmic Key, Pt. 2" (instrumental), Insinnerator "Hypothermia", Old Forest "None More Black" and Ozzy Osbourne "Down to Earth". Singles on the playlist come from Green Carnation, HammerFall and Kreator. Enjoy the refreshed compositions put on one neat playlist by yours truly:

October was another month where we also could check out some compilations, Hemotoxin released "Demo Days", Judas Priest gave us "Reflections - 50 Heavy Metal Years of Music", Motörhead - "Everything Louder Forever - The Very Best Of" and if you're curious what Mustan Kuun Lapset were doing in the 90s - you can listen to "Ei sävyjä pimeässä - The Complete 90s Collection". Use the link below to listen to the compilation of compilations from October, just be careful with creating your own compilation of our compilations of compilations as I'm sure this could create some breach in time/space continuum or some other "Inception" kind of disaster. Or maybe not. Anyways here's the list:

And that's all I've got for you from additions to Spotify in October, enjoy these sounds, share them with everyone you know, show the artists your support and tell them how their creations made this month the best October in 2021.

Mosh responsibly \m/

Entered: 11/13/2021 11:03:36 AM