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MB Premiere: CHARNEL ALTAR - 'Malefic Blessings'

Hailing from Adelaide, Australia's CHARNEL ALTAR formed in late 2018 and after band's self-titled debut demo and split EP with fellow Aussies Carcinoid, CHARNEL ALTAR make their full-length debut with the slimy 'n' stultifying Abatement Of The Sun. Horrific and harrowing, churning and gestating with utter dread and doom, CHARNEL ALTAR's death metal is like a slo-mo melting of mind and matter. One could arguably qualify it as death-doom, but the band's version of such evades easy categorization and aims more for hovering tension and paradoxically spacious density - indeed, like old(er)-school death metal dragged through tar but trudging forward like a tank.

Today, together with Blood Harvest Records, we are proud to premiere a new track, 'Malefic Blessings' from CHARNEL ALTAR's highly anticipated debut album, Abatement Of The Sun, that will come out on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats. The CD and tape versions will be released on December 17th while the vinyl version will follow next year.


DB - Guitars
VO - Drums, Vocals
DM – Bass, Vocals


Entered: 11/15/2021 12:13:49 AM