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MB Premiere: ANIMALIZE - 'Back From The Sematary'

ANIMALIZE debut EP, Tapes From The Crypt, in 2020 was a swift and solid 20 minutes, that displayed massive promise from the band, which they've handily surpassed with their full-length debut, Meat We Are Made Of. Graced again with an unforgettable cover, Meat We Are Made Of is a breathless and breathtaking statement. Its sound races all over the place, from cruising speed to tricky detours to headbanging mid-tempos, with an organized sort of mayhem, as explosive solos and dramatic vocal layering turn these nine beguiling songs into impossible anthems.

That sound is undeniably heavy metal, but ANIMALIZE manage to synthesize speed metal with power-thrash and traditional metal into a dizzying-yet-addicting blend that jumps across countries and even continents with insane ease. It's both futuristic and firmly rooted in the past, and the album's sterling production sharpens it to a katana.

Today, in cooperation with Dying Victims Productions, we are thrilled to present the new track 'Back From The Sematary' from ANIMALIZE' debut full-length, Meat We Are Made Of, out June 30th, 2022 on CD and vinyl LP formats.


Damien "Reyvah Tend" Denetre - Drums
Jessy "Dante Milk" Bosc - Guitars
Niels "Coyote" Bang - Vocals, Bass
Gabriel Rattlehead - Guitars
Adam Ritchie - Guitars


Entered: 6/8/2022 8:42:13 AM