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Live update from Fabryka Kultury Zgrzyt December 8, 2022 Lublin - Poland

Mocne Uderzenie 2022

On December 8, Lublin's Fabryka Kultury ZGRZYT was visited by four above-average bands presenting various branches of extreme music. Krakow's DORMANT ORDEAL opened the concert from a high C. Their technical, but easily digestible death metal quickly gathered a crowd of fans in front of the stage. The Silesians from MENTOR did not let it cool down, because their high-energy HC/thrash poured gasoline into the burning hearts of the fans. It would seem that stoner/doom music of Kielce BELZEBONG will bring rest. Nothing more wrong, crowds of fans of these narcotic sounds rocked the club in Lublin. A slightly longer break allowed all to replenish fluids and resurrect the remains of energy, because as you know, DECAPITATED does not take prisoners. I don't think anyone was disappointed after  Vogg’s crew played the set list. They’re a real concert beast, whose musical tortures I will submit to with undisguised pleasure.









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Entered: 12/25/2022 11:39:41 AM